Zach – Thank you for your professional services in assisting me, to help make a decision to purchase my dream instrument, THE New 2023 GIBSON F5-G Mandolin! The internet FaceTime chat was the ticket for me to view them up close and personal. I enjoyed our conversation and thank you for sharing some of the history of your family business, wishing Dad a well deserved retirement, and I wish you the very best, carrying on the legacy for your family owned music store in Ohio.
When it comes to Gibson, Hand Crafted in the USA I know there is no need to look any farther. The tone and quality is second to none, what more could I ask for, one day I will visit Nashville again and personally thank Mr.David Harvey and his Team at the Gibson custom shop. Thank you again, and blessings to you and your family for the upcoming Holidays and into the New Year.
Joe E.
Buffalo, NY

Zach- You made my day! I love my new Northfield NF5S mandolin. I’m 43, started playing when I was 16. I was always at a low level plateau due to only playing just ok mandolins. I can tell this will help my playing tremendously. Thanks again for all of your customer service. I’ve been looking at your store online for a number of years. I’ll forever be a customer! Thanx again!

Lyle H.

I recently purchased a used Kentucky KM 950 from your shop. I am writing this testimonial to let you and your potential customers know how pleased I am with both the mandolin and your service. The mandolin is everything I was told it was and more. The price was very fair and TMS even paid the shipping costs. I teach mandolin workshops in the Pacific Northwest and will be sure to recommend your store to my students and picking friends.

Thanks, Sam Lyman

Hi Dennis – Thanks so much for steering me to your F5 Custom. You were right, it blows away the cheaper stuff and holds its own with instruments costing twice as much. This, finally, is a mandolin I want to play.   Thanks especially for spotting the coloration that I was hoping for at IBMA, and remembering my interest.
Your customer service is amazing, and I will look to you for all future mando acquisitiveness. Meantime, feel free to add this to your testimonials if you’d like.
David McCormick,
Rockville MD

My name is Jake and I recently purchased an Eastman MD504 mandolin from your website. I’m sending this message because I wanted to express my immense satisfaction with my new mandolin, and to praise the efficiency and quality of purchasing through this company. Not only did my order arrive quickly, but the instrument was set up perfectly as well. It plays wonderfully and I couldn’t find a single flaw upon taking it out of the box. I especially appreciate the complimentary hard case that was included.  I’ve heard many compliments regarding the quality of customer service, as well as the quality of instruments that are sold at The Mandolin Store. After my experience, I plan on being yet another voice among the many others that speak highly of this establishment.  As somebody who has worked in customer service for years, I understand that instances of positive feedback can be few and far in between. I hope these good tidings make it to the ears of those who help make this place such a pleasant shopping experience.   Sincerely, Jake Hough

I received the Eastman MD615 mandolin, and … wow!!! Even without an amp it sounded loud and clear. Then, there’s the pro setup you provided giving this mandolin outstanding action and perfect intonation – even if my abilities aren’t quite ready to fully utilize them. While I’ve enjoyed learning the mandolin on a much lower grade instrument, I’m in absolute bliss playing this one! I really appreciate your guidance and the fact that you didn’t try to up-sell me to the MD815, which I’m sure is great, but not what I needed – for now. Your additional guidance on the Tone Guard is also proving spot-on. If I have any further mandolin needs, you can rest assured the Mandolin Store will be the first stop.  Regards,Danny from Texas

I called the day I received my Eastman mandolin to express my satisfaction with it.  But I also wanted to do so with an email.  I really love my Eastman MD815.  It is awesome!  I am 60 years old and I can honestly say that I have never been more satisfied with a purchase in my life.  Thank you for the excellent set up.  It sounds and plays greater than any expectation that I had.  Sincerely,Randall Pettry

Well you have proved to me you guys are the best on this planet and I will tell everyone about my new found friends. Not only are the statements in your web page precise they don’t exaggerate any. You are the real thing. Everything you say you make it happen, wow is this good news. I have bought many instruments in sixty-nine years but this time I had no need to be concerned about any part of the purchase. I dearly love my Eastman I got from you and it’s perfect in every way, just like you said Professional all the way. If people are not buying from The
Mandolin Store they are being very careless with their money and who knows what they will get shipped to their home? I had no worries and won’t the next time because my equipment will come from he Mandolin Store. Give me three months and I will buy another . I love giving these away to folks who have proved to me they want to learn and play in Church
Rev. Thomas Rice Georgia

Just when I thought customer service was a thing of the past, I came across the Mandolin Store.  You guys rock!  After looking all around my city and finding only 2 low quality mandolins to look at, I knew I had to go the online route to get something worthwhile.  That can be a tough decision getting an instrument sight unseen (or sound unheard).  Dennis was quick on the draw responding to my e-mail questions and gave some great advice.  I ended up getting a Lafferty F-Style and couldn’t be happier.  Through an unfortunate turn of events having to do with a local pick-up installation that got a bit out of hand – an overzealous string replacement lead to a chip which lead to an errant spray of superglue across the face.  The local instrument “repair” shop was willing to purchase my no longer brand new mando – which lead me back to the Mandolin Store once again.  They honored their previous price and I purchased my second mandolin – this time they did the pick-up install (which I should have done the first time – they did a great job and they know what they are doing).  All is in great working order.  Hope to stop by some day when I’m out the Phoenix way.  Thanks Dennis – next time I’m in the market, I know where I’m going.  Alan Benham

Details: To the fantastic  folks at The Mandolin Store
WOW!!!! I buy many things on line and I will honestly say that you are an A+ in all areas. I contacted you folks by phone initially to discuss my needs, my budget and what I was looking for. When the conversation was over, it very clear that your answers were based on truth and not on money to be made. Although I still desire a Km950 and will have one in the future, I knew my budget would not permit that yet. So I had it narrowed down to few other mandolins. After I told them what sound I was after, I believe it was Zack said the KM505 would be his pick. It was less money than the other choice within my budget. (They could have made more but they advised me based on my needs and what would satisfy me). I pulled the trigger and within 4 days…My new Kentucky KM 505 was in my hands. Set up was perfect and the mandolin was everything and more than what I expected. Both in looks and sound. Fast personal service and very friendly staff you have Dennis…they all should get raises hahahaha. There is no doubt as to where I will buy the KM950 when the $$$s allow it. I will order from you again and I will refer all my friends to give you folks an opportunity to do business with them. Great Job The Mandolin Store.  A very happy customer from Southwest Ohio – Randy

I just wanted to take a few seconds to thank the mandolin store for your awesome customer service. I received my Northfield NF5-M Big Mon on Friday and I have fallen in love with the mandolin all over again. I feel like a kid on Christmas every time I open the case and realize this is my mandolin! I can’t describe how great the customer service was, from entertaining my numerous emails, to the speedy delivery of my instrument. It was truly a pleasure doing business with the mandolin store. When the mandolin bug bites again I know who to turn to for the cure! Have a BLESSED day!

Hello Dennis, Just wanted to let you know that I picked up my new Gibson Master Model safe and sound today. As you know, this thing is absolutely incredible! I have been on the hunt for about a year for the proverbial “one”, and this is definitely it no doubt. I had considered a number of different mandolins including used MMs, Gilchrists, etc. and this is all that I could ever ask for. There was definitely some luck involved with the timing on this one, but I am very happy that I was able to make the deal with you guys. I had dealt with a few prominent shops and none of them provided even close to the level of service that you guys do. In fact, there was one very well known one that didn’t even answer inquiries I made about a very high end mandolin. Maybe was too much trouble to deal with Canadians?Anyways, compared to my custom F5G this one just has so much more of everything, and that one is definitely no slouch either. I spent nearly 3 hrs trying out instruments in your shop when I finally went with that one. Never once felt pressured to make a decision, and he was extremely helpful in offering different options, and giving me the rundown on what was available. I recently compared this mandolin to a Heiden F-5 that was available for sale in Calgary. That mandolin cost $15,000 and had nowhere near the sweetness in the tone that my Gibson has. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice mandolin from a quite prominent luthier, but the $5K Gibson won out in the end.Anyways, I could go on and on about these… But a huge thank you again to you and your team for everything! I couldn’t be happier with the way the deal went. I hope you didn’t take too much of a hit on the shipping either… But most appreciated!Also, if you could give my best to Dave about this one as well that would be appreciated. Both of my mandolins are signed by him, and I truly believe that his mandolins are among the best available anywhere, and are a fantastic value when compared to others.I look forward to dealing with you guys again in the future, although don’t think I will ever need another mandolin again… nor can I afford one! There is always the guitars though…Thanks again! Andrew

Dennis, I apologize in taking so long to thank again for the LF5BW which I have hardly put down for two months now. It’s a really fine instrument and I couldn’t be happier. It plays so well, looks great and sounds great too. The workmanship and finish on it are excellent. I absolutely love the wider neck and radiused fingerboard which fits a guitar player like me so well. I recently went downtown to both Gruhn’s and Carter Vintage in Nashville and played on all their mandolins ranging in price from $4500 to $20,000 and the Lafferty stood up to them all. I played on an Ellis, Gilchrist, Duff, Ratliff, several Webers & Collings, Daley, Anderson, Flatiron, many old Gibsons, Elkhorn, and others. I found a few gems, but when I got back home and picked up the Lafferty I found that it held up to them all and had the best neck for my hand. Only with the Lafferty could I get such a quality mandolin at such a reasonable price. I am forever your happy customer. Richard

Hey guys – I wanted to let you know that my Weber Gallatin arrived and I could not be happier with it. I’ve had it for a week now, and am always anxious to get home to play it. The sound is amazing and the craftsmanship top notch. Put that together with your fast service, great set-up, and helpful staff, and it is an experience that I am definitely looking forward to again for future purchases. You’ve helped to make playing my precious “Junebug” an absolute joy. Thanks again! Keep on pickin’!  Tonya Gourley

Gentlemen – I have five words for you-My Collings is Very Lonely! Sad, but true, my daily go to instrument has not left its case since the Girouard mandola has shown up! Dennis, as always, great recommendation, had never considered adding a mandola to the mix, but spot on excellent suggestion. Your description on the website did not do it justice, DYNAMITE is such a tame word for this thing, it growls, it barks and is just an excellent piece of work right out of the box. I took it to “men’s night’ the other night, a loose term for beer, wine, guitars, cigars and general abuse amongst friends. Several luthiers were there and to a person, they wanted to touch it, play and generally were gob smacked about the tone and playability. Max, you don’t good, really good! I am glad that Dennis recommended this purchase, and you make an excellent product. The fit, finish, tone, weight (cant get over how light this is) and general build quality is phenomenal. I am going to have to start thinking about an F-style! Thanks again to both of you, you are to be applauded, Dennis, for being you and keeping the mandolin light lit, and Max, glad that we met!  Dave / NY

Dear Dennis and Adam – My Kentucky KM-950 mandolin arrived yesterday. It is just as the advertisement shows – the color, the finish, and fit is excellent. I am amazed that Saga can produce such a good instrument for the price. She has a better timbre and is more balanced than some Duffs and Gibsons that I tried at a recent Bluegrass pickers festival three weeks ago. It is possible that they were not set up well which could have affected their sound. As for playability, this mandolin has it hands down over flat boards. The bridge and nut are set up well. There is some slight relief in the neck although there might be a need for some slight readjustment down the track. it is the first mandolin I have had which I have not had to adjust or find replacement parts for. The tuners work well and adjust the tension easily, better than the tuners on my Silverangel. Maybe they need some work to get them to work properly too. These little attentions to detail make a huge difference to how one connects with one’s mandolin.I say well done to the crew at the Mandolin Store. And thanks again, you were great.  Nic

I want to thank your business and your employees for the excellent and prompt service when I recently ordered my Breedlove FF mandolin. It arrived on time with nary a scratch, I tuned it right up and have been playing it daily ever since. I was a little apprehensive at first, ordering online sight unseen but I felt sold on my order before arrival and am now convinced I chose the right instrument for me. I am a novice at mandolin but have already received kudos from my friends as to my playing, but I believe it to also be the quality of the instrument I have chosen. It sounds beautiful!!!Thank you again for the great service and hope to visit in the near future!Wayne / Fla

“As a novice (ok, beginner) mandolin player, I’ve been shopping around for a while for a mandolin that could fit my needs. I wanted something that was within my budget (under $2000), while also getting something that would most certainly age well over time. Like most aspiring mandolin players, I had my dreams set on an F-style instrument (I’d at least like to LOOK like Sam Bush). I called up the folks at The Mandolin Store and asked for their opinion. They kindly challenged me to look at an A-style mandolin if I was wanting to get the best instrument for my buck. More so, they recommended their house brand, the Lafferty model. After careful consideration and research, I decided to put down my “F shaped pride” and give the Lafferty a go. I also had them install a K & K pickup because I knew that I would indeed be doing the world a favor by amplifying my mando licks… or the lack there of:) Not long after I placed my order, my new Lafferty arrived (carefully packaged) and as quickly as I strummed my first chord, even more quickly did my smile stretch across my face! The tone sounds like a $3000 mandolin, really. My bandmates (including my mandolin player) were awed not only by the natural tone and playability, but by the amplified tone, as well. I continue to get more and more compliments about the way it sounds and looks and that’s AFTER hearing me hack away at Blackberry Blossom. Anyway, I could not be more thankful for the help, guidance, and quality of instrument that the staff at The Mandolin Store gave to me. These guys are the real deal and when it comes time to adding to my collection (when Blackberry Blossom begins to sound more like a fiddle tune rather than a science experiment) I will not hesitate to call them back up. Oh, and for you F-shaped dreamers on a tight budget… go for the A! You will not be disappointed!”

Rob / Seattle

I just wanted to write and tell you what a nice experience I had doing business with your store. Even after the fact that it was a little bit longer than expected on the delivery to your store, you kept me informed of the delay and gave me options as to what could be done to keep me happy, which I ended up trading up to a mandolin I believe I like much better. I have worked in the Music Business for 40 yrs all over the world and have never had as nice a buying experience as this. My mandolin came nicely set up and ready to play, and I love it. Thank you Dennis. I’m sure I will be a life long customer.

David Pracy

Thanks Guys you Rock! My case just arrived in time for my flight and ill make it to my gig… your attention, patience and knowledge of my needs is so appreciated! In todays world of, “Every One Half Ass-ing everything they do, make or sell, ” it’s Awesome to find folks like (You) who, “Get Er Done Right the First Time”! I’ll Always B A returning customer of your business!


Hi Dennis – I received the mandolin on Friday. As Bryan Adams lyrics go in his song “Summer of 69″. “Played it till my fingers bled”. This baby is a beauty. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Your internet store is heads and shoulders above other sites as I was able to perform all the research necessary to make a $1560 purchase, select a quality instrument and feel good about doing it without actually having it in my hands before I paid my money.

Consider me a very satisfied customer!

Tony Gaines / Ohio

Guys, Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with my purchase from TheMandolin Store. I purchased based on your fast response to my inquiry and the time youtook to understand my needs and explain what to look for in aninstrument. The Loar mandolin was a gift for my son-in-law who playsguitar and several other instruments. He has had it for 3 days now, andI doubt if it has left his hands for more than a few minutes. He wasplaying it immediately after pulling up tabs for “mandolin tunes” on hisiPad. A couple of HIS comments: After about 10 minutes he said (unprompted by me), “This is really set-up nicely.” Being a keyboard player, I would not know a good setupfrom a bad one, but he was certainly impressed – THANK YOU!”I’ll never complain about the ‘landing area’ between frets on my guitaragain (smiling) now, finger spread on the guitar is another story – youcan do so much more on the mandolin.”And finally…”It is so much more rewarding playing melody/lead lines on the mandolin,perhaps because of the dual strings and natural chorusing effect – itjust sounds really awesome.” So, thank you for your insight, the superb job you did setting it up,and for including a really useful case for a price that is competitivewith the large box music stores who don’t offer the expertise orpersonal service. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE MANDOLIN STORE to anyone!Professionally,Tony DiBiancaWinston-Salem, NC

Hi, Dennis!! My Collings MF Gloss Top mandolin is a DREAM!! It brings me great joy every day…even when I’m not playing it! Thanks for the great price and excellent service. I’m also enjoying your YouTube videos..very impressive. Maybe someday I’ll be at that level. Thank you again SO MUCH for the Cowboy game tickets and parking pass! I appreciated it more than I can say and your generosity floors me! It was an amazing time!!!

Melissa / Arlington TX

Just purchased an Eastman MD315 mandolin at the mandolin store. The sales people strive to please their customers. Great setup and fast shipping,very satisfied with this mando! Excellent instrument for the price

Mike / Texas

I received my Collings MT mandolin and just spent an amazing two hours with it. It is a beautiful instrument and I know I shall be happy with it for a long, long time…considering that my “beginners” mandolin is 35 years old, this one should last me forever! The sound is incredible! It was always difficult for me to produce a soft sound from my old mandolin…but this one produces sounds that run the gamut from soft and sweet to chopping and rocking! It’s definitely versatile! In a nutshell, I’m in love!While I didn’t require assistance in selecting my Collings (I did lots of research), I did have concerns that delivery wouldn’t be quick enough to prevent the instrument from setting in a warehouse or truck over the weekend. After discussing my concerns, I decided go ahead and pay extra to expedite delivery. After shipment I was emailed me and said he didn’t need to charge the extra $50 after all…that the shipper said it would reach me Thursday at the latest. Now that’s commendable! The Mandolin Store could have pocketed the money and I wouldn’t have known any difference. There is nothing better than dealing with a company with such high ethical standards.With that being said, I would like to thank you and your company for setting the bar so high…top quality mandolins and top-notch customer service and ethics!Regards,Lorraine, Pennsylvania

Hi there folks – I purchased the first built Lafferty bouzouk in mid March, just in time for my St Patty’s gig. Since then I am loving it and so are the rest of teh boys in the band. Playability is excellent. The sound cuts right through the big Martin without stepping on the toes of the mandolin! Thanks for your help in aquiring this marvelous instrument. It is truly a pro quality ax at half the going rate

Dave Malone

Comments: Hey guys –  My new Weber Red Spruce Wide-nut just got here in New Jersey, less than 24 hours after ordering it! Very cool. Very, very excited to be playing on such a nice instrument. I actually couldn’t put it down for the first hour out of the box!! And the set-up is way better than I even expected…sometimes people say that instruments are set-up and ready to play when they really aren’t…but yours is great. Thank you. I feel this instrument is totally worth the money and then some. Webers are truly the best value in the mandolin industry..so much for your money!!Thanks so much

Brad / NJ

Dear Dennis – t I wanted to write and say that the Weber Mandola has arrived and it is wonderful. What a great instrument of beauty, depth, and great workmanship. I am absolutely stunned and humbled at how stunning it is. I knew it was going to be good, but I could only hope it was going to be this great. The finish to me is that of the Southwest. It’s a beautiful warm rust. And the speed neck . . . it’s the greatest feel in the world not to have varnish on the neck. All my special requests were done perfectly and I appreciate it so much! But the sound . . . the depth it has with that low C. It’s so prefect for my style of original music. I’ve loved the mandolin, and I’ve loved the 12-string guitar, but this seems to wed the two and produce a sound of haunting quality. A timeless sound of the earth spiritual in a deep, deep way.

My heartfelt thanks to the Mandolin Store for making it happen. Can’t thank you enough for all your hard work with the arrangements with Weber. And Dennis, thank you for having such a great store and providing such joy to players like me. You have truly made me happy.

My deepest appreciation and thanks,

Mark / Seattle


Just wanted to let you know my new Eastman DGM3 mandola arrived in perfect condition and to say thanks! I am absolutely delighted with this axe. The set-up is perfect, the service was fast and accommodating, as always. I appreciate your willingness to hunt down information on this unusual instrument, return my email queries and calls promptly, and work with me on a trade-in. Although I hesitated somewhat to buy a special order instrument sight-unseen, experience has taught me that doing business with you minimizes risk. I’ve never been less than 100% satisfied across multiple purchases. You gentlemen are straight shooters, which is all too rare these days. Tip of the hat and all the best!

James (CIncinnati) Dayton Mandolin Orchestra

Hello Fellows,

I’m just another happy customer writing and agreeing with everyone’s fine comments about both Dennis and the Shop. As a player, most of us are constantly looking for that “perfect” instrument that fits us and has the sound we’re constantly looking for. After working with Dennis over the years (and a few mandolins later), I too am unbelievably happy with the purchase I made. I have to thank these guys for all the back and forth questions I had and the rapport was second to none, even with the dumbest questions asked! I was really excited anticipating the instrument and 3 days later with the instrument in my hands, it was everything that I hoped it would be and more. The instrument was an exact fit for me. Now, why The Mandolin Store? Set-up, Service, follow-up to questions and answers anytime. Not to mention great insight on the instruments themselves. I’ve purchased 5 mandolins from these fellas over the years and the packing and shipping has always been outstanding! Forget the shipping problems if that’s what’s holding you back from buying. Absolutely no problems. I’ve purchased other instruments from other dealers and the service and shipping was pretty pore at best. They never got my business again! A great example is that most of the Big Guitar stores that are now found everywhere sell some mandolins. Just try and get some service or technical questions answered and you’ll know right away that they don’t have a clue…neither to the music catalog people, (try it). Just a quick sale and out the door you go. Return for adjustments or advice – forget it, you’re completely on your own. This is where they excel. No question asked is unanswered – no matter what the question! Advice, adjustments/set-ups, follow-up, all come with the instrument you settled on and bought…this is anytime, not just for two weeks after the purchase. Never a hard sell as the final decision for the sale is always left up to you. Yup, just like the old times when “a mans word is as good as his bond”. This might all sound a bit sappy but it’s true. Instruments are all built pretty similar but remember…it’s all about the service before and after the sale.

Tim – Cleveland

Comments: Dear Dennis,I would be beyond remiss I didn’t thank you both for all your patience with me over the past few month! Thanks for helping me select the Red Valley mandolin, I love it! You’re right, great volume, and I find it has a very full sound great for folk and Celtic stuff! Thanks for packing it so well and for such a wonderful setup too! Can’t believe how nice and low the action is and no buzzing! It is a beautiful mandolin, and I’m really glad you’re selling Jim Wilson’s instruments! He’s a great guy, a wonderful craftsman, and it’s great to buy American! Thanks again gentlemen!!!

Mick in WI

I received my Lafferty just about 2 weeks ago, and wanted you, as well as anyone thinking about getting a mandolin, to know what an incredibly awesome instrument it is. I have really been blown away by her quality, sound, and playability. In fact, so amazed have I been, that I would have posted sooner, but thought I might be dreaming, actually.I am absolutely convinced that with this level of instrument, the Lafferty line will soon be making headlines, and it will be near impossible to get one. So you might get ready !Just looking at her, she rings of the highest level of attention to detail and workmanship. On picking her up, there is immediately the draw to play, and then ..then..there is sound that sings out so fully. Wow…great job..really. The music world is about to be very grateful for this terrific offering. My best wishes to both of you,

Don Kamens, MD

Hi Dennis and Gang,- I just want to thank you again for the Eastman 515 you sent me.It’s a great Mandolin!The sound and wonderful setup you performed on it, are just what I like.I’ve done a quite a bit of business with The Mandolin Store and when it comes to sales and service you can’t beat it. I’ll wear my Mandolin Store T-Shirt with with honor! Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Jim Bevins

When I saw that Dennis had written on your web page that the Godin electric was the best sounding electric mandolin he had heard, I knew it would be the sound I was looking for. I had an Ovation Celebrity mandolin for the times I needed to go through our PA to project with a little country band I play with, but I didn’t like the sound and it was hard to play. I have learned to trust Dennis’ opinion and once again my trust was well placed. I just received my Godin A8 from the mandolin store and it is everything I need it to be. It feels good, plays easy, and my slides, hammer-ons, and tremolo sound great through an amp. I already love it. Thanks Dennis. Can’t wait to show the band today. With this Godin for the country stuff and my F5G for the acoustic BG stuff I have all a man needs to get through these troubling times. Thanks again.

Larry / Ohio

Dennis,I want to write and let you know what a great job answering all my questions, and pointing me to the Eastman MD305 mandolin. Very patient and courteous with me, in spite of all my questions. Please leave an extra present under the Christmas tree for him. The Eastman is beyond what I had expected. I like how the Eastman’s frets are finished on the edges, compared to my Kentucky KM1000. Also, I like the sweet tone of the Eastman, it’s volume, it’s finish, and it’s lifetime warranty. The Eastman is a great instrument for the price. Your store is the best when it comes to customer service, and instrument set ups. This is the fourth mandolin I have bought from your store. I think my wife is hoping it will be my last. Time will tell.Thanks again,

Michael / Ohio

Hey guys – I received my guitar yesterday. Had to let it acclimate, which is always hard. Finally opened up the case and pulled it out. It’s a beautiful guitar. I know you said some people didn’t like the top, but it doesn’t bother me a bit. The back is gorgeous and the case fits like a glove. Now for the sound. WOW !!! I’m really impressed with the tone of this guitar, especially at that price. I’ve had some nice Taylors, Martins, and Larrivees, but this is right up there with them. I was talking with you throughout my deal, and I just want to thank you for his help. He was very interested in helping the customer. I appreciate you throwing in the T-shirt, but to my surprise there was also a coffee cup included ! You don’t even know how much I appreciate that as I’m a big coffee drinker. It’s little things like that, that will keep a customer coming back ! I will wear my Mandolin T-shirt proudly and definitely get the word out about your shop. Thanks again for a very pleasant transaction.Satisfied customer,

Mark Eldridge

Testimonial: Okay folks, here’s my 2 cents with The Mandolin Store. In a word-unbelievable! After all this is the 21st century where cheap merchandise is available and service is almost non-existent…like when you buy an expensive car, 5 minutes after you drive away with it, the salespeople already forgot who you are. So, my point is that over the years that I’ve bought,sold and traded up with these guys there has never been one time that I’ve ever been treated less than an individual. Why? Because the cusomer respect you get is almost non-existent anymore! It all started years ago when I bought a less-than-great mando and asked and phoned so many questions their way that I thought they’d finally have had enough of me. Nope. I finally bought from them because of the above. Lots of mandolins are available everywhere but try to get real answers let alone real service before and after the sale. As of this last couple of weeks I’ve gotten 5 instruments from these guys from the cheaper to top of the line and the service has always been way beyond what you’d expect. Whoever you are, you’re treated first class – like it used to be years ago like my car analogy at the beginning. I’ve bought and traded instruments for 40 some years everywhere and wouldn’t go anywhere else ever again. I’m in northern Ohio and about 175 miles from a pretty big shop. The truth (I promise) is I’ve always been treated like that car salesmen treats his customers! Smile and make the sale! I’ve even saw what I really wanted but was so turned off that I left empty handed – even willing to spend the extra bucks. All you guys have experienced that I’m sure. So, bottom line is, with most of us guys and girls there isn’t a heck of alot of real buying info available out there and everyone you talk to is usually a self proclaimed (biased) “expert in their own way. Take my advice – these guys are the experts…No advertisement…JUST THE FACTS FOLKS.

T. Lucas / Cleveland

After nearly a year of bombarding you with questions and concerns, you set me up with a Collings MT mandolin. Love it! I play it every day. I wanted to thank you and your staff for your patience and knowledge, and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is interested in fine acoustic instruments. I received my mandolin in excellent condition and follow-up calls to the staff were helpful and friendly. Keep up the good work! Please feel free to copy/paste any part of this message where appropriate as an indication of the satisfaction of a California customer.


Just received my Eastman economy mandolin. It is just as I had hoped,good sound, great features, for an awesome price. It took only 6 daysto get here, hassle free. I teach mandolin here in the Yukon, a few ofmy students have bought from you. I will continue to recommend you toothers here. Great work !

Deb Bergman

Folks – I couldn’t get past the word “incredible” in the description of the KM-900 on your website. To me it was a challenge, what did I have to lose? I have bought and sold mandolins costing way more than the Kentucky and none of them have really suited me. Since I have always played A models I decided to cease my search for an F model that really spoke to me and give the KM-900 a chance. The mp3 sounded great and the description sounded great and I had just sold an expensive mando so I had the cash. Well my verdict is that the KM-900 has the workmanship, sound, and attention to detail that I thought could only be found on instruments costing much, much more. What can I say. You all already know how sweet they are. Also thanks for the excellent service. The Mando Store will always be my first choice when looking for a mandolin. (I already have enough guitars) Thanks much and I wish you continued success

Sincerely, Ralph Stewart

Hey Zach,Thanks for selling me that “devilishly” beautiful 905D at such a good price. I’ve been picking the “fire” out of it and a couple of sessions at the local Cowboy Church should complete its exorcism. Seriously though, I really like this mandolin, and although it was a little tight at first -it’s already starting to come around. I really enjoyed visiting your store and wish I could have spent all day. If I could hang out anywhere I wished to, it would’t be Miami Beach or the NYC -it would be at The Mandolin Store! Thanks for the prompt, professional service. Your customer for life,


Hi Dennis – Just wanted to let you know that I got my mandolin safe and sound yesterday. It got me in trouble already, got to playing it and lost track of time and was almost late for work. I got a feeling me and Rover is going to be spending a “lot” of time together. Thank you so much for you help and keeping me informed. You really do care about your customers and their needs. I’ve already recommended you store and service to some friends. Thank you for the picks. I couldn’t believe the quality of the case you sent me, that deserves a “BIG” thanks. Now for the mandolin itself. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first opened the case. It was a thing of beauty just looking at it. Even my wife commented on it and that don’t happen very often. I have six guitars, three button accordions, a five string banjo. two didgeridoos and two bodhrans and she’s never said anything about them and “she” bought most of them. The set up is perfect, it plays and sounds awesome. Like I said me and rover are gonna become real good friends. Thanks again,

John / Canada

Hi Dennis – I love this Kentucky KM-900! The tone, build quality, and playability are all great in my opinion. I am very surprised by the high quality of this instrument at this price point, and I don’t think it can be beaten for the money. Hopefully, you can get some more in so others can enjoy this fine mandolin.Thanks,


Greetings all!Steve from Corpus Christi , Texas and purchased an Eastman MD815 from you this past week. I received it on schedule on Thursday Feb. 17, 2011 and have been barley able to put it down since. It is everything I expected and more. I used it for the first time at a gig last night, Feb. 18, and have never received so many nice comments from folks, including other musicians, regarding this beautiful instrument. I am looking forward to growing further with my new Eastman. I just want to thank everyone for their professional help and service. The set up is perfect! I have already mentioned THE MANDOLIN STORE to anyone and everyone who will listen and will continue to do so. I will definitely send any further business I have in your direction. I also hope to make it to Wickenburg some day to say “thanks” in person and to shake a few hands. You guys are the best!Thank you again,


Thank you so much for your wonderful service. The Eastman E20OM guitar purchased from you is better then I had hoped AND all of you were great to work with. A special thanks to Dennis for taking the time to talk with me on the phone. His pleasant attitude was a contributing factor in my purchasing the guitar from you. Keep up the good work…


Dennis – I picked the Weber up @ UPS Friday morning. UPS’ local service was outstanding. The Weber is absolutely gorgeous. Exceeds my expectations, while also exceeding my ability to play! 40+ years on guitar, maybe 6 months total on mandolin. With respect to tone, and the feel of the neck, it reminds me very much of my first mandolin, a Collings MT that I loved dearly and like an idiot, sold. I could not be happier with this purchase, and the service I got from you guys was wonderful. I’ll probably put some kudos for you on the Mandolin Cafe forum, as if they were needed! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and will have a healthy and prosperous New Year.Thanks


Hello Dennis -and friends at the Mandolin Store…I waited until the “Black Friday” rush was over to thank you for your usual great services…My Mandola arrived OK…Just a quick tune up and I was ready to play… I am very impressed with the sound and I have absolutely no difficulties playing it like a Mandolin…The C string adds to the deep sound I enjoy…I have never learned to “Pick” … I only do tremolo and it is easy…It complements my 804 Eastman and my old “Suzuki” perfectly…Thank you to all of you for helping this old guy relieve his youth… My very best to you all


I can’t tell you how excited I am about my new Eastman AC320B. I did a lot of researching before making the purchase and it lives up to every positive review that I read about it. It was a pleasure doing business with you and your description of the Eastman rivaling Boutique guitars is right on the money. I let it warm up over night, tuned the strings and was amazed at the balance between the Bass, Mids and Highs. Awesome guitar!!! Thanks

Rich Blevins

Dennis, Sorry I have not got back to you before now since receiving my new Martin D41SA Custom from The Mandolin Store. But I had a good reason, because I could not stop playing this BEAST! All I can think is with the sound it has now and sounding this GOOD, what will it sound like with a little age and it opens up! Seriously this guitar is a monster and boy am I glad I bought it!!! You hit a home run with this custom configuration my friend. And as for my experience dealing with everyone at The Mandolin Store and my buying from you………A+++++++!!!!! Great service, great people,great selection, and who knows I may take up the Mandolin and if I do, I believe I know who to contact! Thanks Dennis, from the first phone call I made to you, was one of my better choices I have made because the whole purchasing experience was easy,fun and boy did I find the look and sound in my D41SA custom that I’ve been searching for!! Thanks Dennis for all your help, well gotta go now, time to play the BEAST again!!!!

Steve / OH

I received my new Weber Coyote a couple of weeks ago and it’s been at least 2 hours of mandolin playing a day ever since. This is a great sounding instrument and the Weber attention to detail is amazing. It’s my first Weber and I wish I had bought one long before now. The mandolin really sings and I’m looking forward to hearing her after the months, years pass on. I did visit your store recently in person and the staff was very helpful and friendly. Thanks again and may God bless you. Carl. St. Louis, MO Dennis and everybody else at The Mandolin Store, Thanks for the help and recommendations on the Weber Bitterroot. I’m in mandolin heaven right now!!Stayed up til past 11PM playing even though I had to go to work at 5AM. Couldn’t stop playing!!!!!!I’ll spread the word about you fellers around. God Bless you all.

Dean Barnwell

Dennis, I’ve been meaning to send you an e-mail to tell you how over joyed I am with my build a Weber mandolin. It is so beautiful and it rings like a bell, the sustain actually builds playing single notes. It was so very kind of you to send me a loaner mandolin since I needed to get my practice time in but what an instrument this Weber is. Six months ago when I took up the mandolin I didn’t know what a Weber was now I wont settle for any other. My grandfather played mandolin in Germany (1916) and I don’t know why I never picked one up only guitar but I leave the guitar playing duties to others in our worship team. Mandolin is now like the guitar and just music in general a part of my life. Thank you so very much for helping me choose a Weber and the custom items I thought would work for me…Sincerely,

Chris Meyer

Hi guys:I bought a Weber special edition with the ceder top from you guys a couple of years ago… on your recommendation. I have to tell you that it is still the sweetest sounding mandolin I’ve ever played and I swear it is sounding better every day. I just wanted to say thank you once again. I’m one happy camper in Texas because of The Mandolin Store.Wayln / TC Just had to address the extremely positive purchasing experience I had at “The Mandolin Store”, recently. A gentleman by the name of Zach, was both professional and highly articulate in helping me with my order. The mandolin arrived appropriately packed and in a timely manner. After an unfortunate injury to my left hand in the 1980’s, this formally proficient 5th string banjo player was sidelined for many years. The left handed Weber “Special Edition”, has already brought me profound delight, and back into the fold…I look forward to visiting Zach and others from The Mandolin Store on my next trip back to Arizona .Thank you


Dennis,The Weber and KM-1000 arrived safely today. I gave them a few hours to adjust temperature from the hot van; then did what mando freaks do-played till the wife threatened to send me to bed without supper if I didn’t put’em down to eat,lol. Thank you ever so much, the setup is perfect on both and the smaller necks are so much easier on these old hands. You’ve got ALL my instrument business from now on-(I may be set for life now though, lol) . Thank you again, your service is unbeatable.Your friend,

Charley / AR

Hello Dennis !I want to thank you for all the efforts you made to help my quest to the Martin guitar I dreamed of. In fact, you answered it’s the good business you always do, but I have to show how it was much more than that to me. First, instead of a used guitar I was trying to negotiate, you offered, for a few extra bucks, a brand new Martin D-35 with Martin warranty : It was hundreds of dollars lower than in any of my sweetest dreams !!! Second, you kindly «held my hand» through the process of international banking which was a totally new process to me. Third, I received my fantastic D-35 very well wrapped and in perfect condition. Its playability also suited my play perfectly ! Finally, you kindly answered all the silly questions of a newcomer to the Martin Guitar world, including during the anxiety generated by the slow journey of my D-35 through Canadian customs ! So I ought to thank you for all that and, I’m sure, for few other things you did and that I am not aware of !

Marc / Canada

Dear Dennis,Last Saturday I ordered a Kentucky KM-505 Mandolin. The salesman was Zack. I just wanted you to know Zack was very helpful in helping me pick out the right mandolin for my needs. Zack even called me back on Monday informing me the date I would receive my mandolin. I felt this was great service and that your company and Zack really cared about your customers other that making a quick sale and going onto the next person. If I ever need to upgrade or buy another mandolin I’m sure I’ll be doing business with you folks. Of course I would recommend you to other folks that want to buy mandolins.Sincerely,

John Beckler

A big thanks to Dennis and all his crew there at The Mandolin Store! I have just received my Kentucky KM505, shipped from Arizona to me here in Geelong, Australia in less than a week. It arrived in perfect condition and I am thrilled with both the instrument and your service. It was a luck day when I found you on the ‘net! I’ll certainly be back to you for my next purchase… those resonator guitars are very tempting!Thanks again, kind regards,

Ian / AU

Hi Dennis, just a short email to let you know that I received the small package with my mandolin strap, the great looking Mandolin Store t shirt & the picks yesterday. Thanks very much for all your help in getting the items to me. You guys have demonstrated extremely high standards of service & have gone out of your way to help a lone customer on the other side of the globe with his small order. This shows how well you treat all your customers. It is a pleasure – it always will be a pleasure to purchase from your store, guys! You have a very special touch with people which will win you many many long term customers who will also become your good friends. You already have a long-term customer & a good friend here in sunny Singapore! Please keep me on your mailing list & stay in touch. I have already started to tell people here about your fantastic store & its fantastic people. With best personal regards,

John / Singapore

Dennis – I just received my KM1000 and wow what a nice instrument, plays great and set up was nice! I want to thank you and all of your team at the mandolin store! Zach, thanks for getting it all set up financially, great set up and Dennis thanks for the time you took to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for! You have a customer for life!


Dennis and Co – Great doing business with you people. This is my first purchase of any instrument without trying it out first. My new Weber arrived in a timely manner and you kept me reassured every step of the way. It’s a fantastic instrument and it exceeds my expectations. Thanks again for a pleasant buying experience.


Dennis -I have just received my order from you, the Rover RM-75. This is my very first mandolin and let me tell you, I am very impressed, it is gorgeous! Thank you all so much for doing this for me with such profession, speed, and accuracy! I am definitely a customer for LIFE. I’m off to work now but I am so excited to get home to play it! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I made it home to Saskatchewan, Canada with my new Weber without any problems and I gotta say, I LOVE IT!!! It plays like butter and the sound is great! A great model! Thanks so much for the great service and setup! I have never been this happy with an instrument in my entire life. I haven’t stopped playing it except to sleep and eat since I bought it over a week ago! Although I came into the store to buy it, I can say I would completely trust you guys and recommend buying online from your website to anyone who is looking for a new mando!Thanks for everything,

Erik Paquette / CA

Dennis – After spending a number of hours playing the new Gibson F5GCMS mandolin ,I believe it is the best mandolin I have ever played. The first Gibson I ordered from you is very good but, the newest one is so much better. The new Gibson is one of those rare accidents where everything came together. I think you know what I mean. I almost think Gibson sent the top of the line Master Model. If this is an example of what Gibson can do, I think that it is only because of you working with them to get it right. Your attention on producing a good product has helped them. Thanks for that, and Gibsons willingness to listen to you.

Jackie / OK

Far after midnight now over here in Germany. I do have sore fingers now from playing that new Weber Mandolin since it was delivered this afternoon. Can’t get enough of that beautiful sound. How can I say thank you to you, Dennis, for your help (you know what for). You made me a very happy man today and you made a good day into a very, very pleasant good day today. All I needed to do was to get that Weber mandolin gettin’ ot of the case, tune up the strings (thanks for lowering down for the airplane flight) and start playing. Very good setup by you, guys. Easy to play, tons of tone, exactly what I wanted. So thank you again, it was a pleasure of dealin’ with you and now I know, where I have to look for when it’s time for a new guitar. Greetings to you all from a very small “Bluegrass Island”

Peter / Germany

Hello Dennis– As you guys all know this is my 3rd mandolin I have purchased from you. In the past all of the instruments have been a perfect set-up and the pricing was second to none. Believe me I shopped around and without hesitation still came back. You were the only ones that had what I wanted. A large shop in, Mi couldn’t even come close in either pricing new or with the trade. It was strictly business – you get what you see. Again, the new Gibson purchase is perfect in every way. Comparing it to the “benchmark quality” of the fine Weber’s, this instrument is right there! For me, the neck on the Gibson is an absolute dream to play. I have a smaller hand and if anyone out there is looking for a slightly narrower neck this is it. Without a doubt my left hand action and speed has increased literally overnight because of this! Flawless in every way just like you guys are. With the service and support you’ve always given, I wouldn’t ever again shop around but call you guys directly with complete trust. If you pickers are shopping around for your 1st or 3rd instrument look no further – you’re dealing with family! I’m starting to sound like an advertisement but it’s just the facts. Thank you again.Tim Lucas, Ohio (group: The Sages) Well, I hate taking the time to send this e-mail, because I really want to get back to playing my new Custom D28, but I had to let you know how much I am loving it! Lol, expectations are always HIGH when opening a new Martin and anticipating what that first strum is going to sound like. However, I didn’t even get to the first strum before I was impressed. I was merely tuning the low E string to pitch, and I instantly thought, “HOLY CRAP! This thing is resonant!” Once tuned to pitch I began to play, and my whole room started shaking and vibrating with booming rosewood glory! To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I am 150% satisfied with the sound of this guitar. Wow. Just wow. I brought out my D-18GE which I also love and A/Bed them. I am utterly amazed at how different they sound. They are both killer guitars, but the type of tone they produce is so different. Going with this custom D-28 was NO DOUBT the best decision I could have made, and I am so thankful to you for providing it. I honestly feel like the luckiest amateur guitar player on Earth right about now. =) I know a lot of my wording seems very hyperbolic, but I am simply trying to put my excitement and pleasure with this guitar into words. I’m ecstatic. Anyway, beyond the fact that this guitar is tremendous beyond all of my expectations, your customer service was some of the best I’ve ever experienced. I’ve had great customer service before, from many places. However, during our correspondence over e-mail and phone I seriously felt like we had been friends our whole lives. It was awesome to deal with someone who respects their customers that much, and I will definitely remember you for my future instrument purchases. Heck, I’ve never even considered learning the mandolin, but I liked dealing with you so much that I may end up buying one of those soon too who knows!Anyway, back to playing thanks again!

Brock / IN

Bonjour, Dennis OK. Now I’m impressed. I made up my mind, bit the bullet and ordered an Eastman mandolin from the Mandolin Store on Friday. I didn’t know how long I’d be waiting but assumed a week or two. Decided patience is a virtue, so consciously cultivated it. On Tuesday, my wife phoned me at work and said it had arrived. Got home, took it out, tuned it up and played it. We could both tell instantly it was a step up in quality of sound and playability. So that makes me what people call a satisfied customer. Many thanks for your help. If I’m ever in Arizona, I’ll drop in and say G’day. All the best ,

Peter / Western Australia

Dear Dennis – I just wanted to say thank you for the Weber Coyote mandolin. I have wanted to upgrade into a high quality American made mandolin from Weber for some time now and you guys made it happen. You guys are first class and I appreciate the time both of you took with me on the phone. I spoke with both of you and you patiently answered all my questions with your expertise a person can trust and that means a lot to me when dealing with instruments on the web and over the phone. I also wanted to say yeeeehaaawwww, man,, I just can’t put this mandolin down. I am actually having trouble taking time away from the mandolin to write you this email but my finger tips are begging me for the break. It sounds great and everyone that has heard it says it sound great also. I also know the sound will only keep getting better as it opens up. I also like the neck it is not a heavy pronounced V like my last mandolin but also not completely rounded, it feels just right. The color and finish are awesome and it has the professional detail one could expect from Weber. I also like how the tiger stripes on the back have that 3D effect when you turn the mandolin. All I have left to say is I am a satisfied Mandolin Store customer and please pass on a huge Thank you to Weber Mandolins for me too. Gotta go finger tips quit throbbing, later.Thank you and God bless you,

Anthony / Kansas

Dear Dennis, I have received my new Eastman MD 515 , and just wanted to thank you for the fast delivery, excellant packaging, and the enjoyable experience you made this for me. Being a novice player it was nice to have this instrument set up to play easy, and look and sound so great. From all the testamonials I read, and all the postings at the Mandolin Cafe’, I felt quite comfortable in doing buisness with you, and you certainly did not dissappoint.Thanks Again,


Gentlemen-well, it has been the LONGEST 24 hours of my life, staring at the case in the corner of the room, it taunting me, knowing that I couldn’t touch it until at least this afternoon….Winter in New England! Anyway, I know that I have played more “release” than “catch and keep” since we began our relationship but this MFO is staying in the stable with the MT and Phoenix. I have coveted, and I use that word with all sincerity, this mandolin since Collings first released it. and have visited your website at least once a day to view the pictures and listen to the MP3. I considered other brands, wanted to try to find a cheaper way in to an oval but knew after the MT that there really wasn’t too much better off the shelf builder than Collings. I have never had an oval, only had one F for a very short time (as you know) and wasn’t really sure what to expect, having never played one (only deal with you guys and we are 2/3rds of continent away) but it is three hours later, my arm hurts, my face hurts from smiling and I had to pull myself away to finish something for work or else I would have kept flailing away until I passed out (or got hungry) whichever came first! I didn’t want to ramble on, but I wanted to thank you for all of our dealings, and the professional and open way that you have always treated me, making me feel like one of the family, and I really cannot thank you enough for this, and the other two mandolins. My checkbook says that we must stay separated for a while, and there isn’t really anything else that I need (I know, until MAS sets in again!) Thanks, and Happy New Year to you all

Dave / NY

Dear Dennis – I want to thank you for your courteous help you gave me in purchasing my Rover RM-75. I played it for the first time at a rest home last night, and it sounds great, even with the factory strings. I want to thank you for the great, low set-up. I made no adjustments, as they were not needed. I did not have a good experience with a previous mandolin I bought from another dealer that was “supposed” to be set-up. I highly recommend your store for purchasing instruments that will be set-up right, ready to play. Thank you again,

Mike / OH

Hi folks – I ordered the Saga mandolin kit from you just before Christmas, so that my husband could put it together for me. Attached are photos of the finished instrument. It is great! It does just exactly what I wanted it to do. It is not for loud, rock music – rather I wanted a mandolin with sustain for playing ambient, soft, restful music, waltzes, and old romantic classics from the 20′s, 30′s and 40′s. It is perfect, I am very pleased. I ordered from you, rather than other larger websites, as I like to give my business to mom & pop shops. We once traveled through Wickenburg while visiting family and site seeing in Arizona. A quiet little town. Thanks for being there for us. I am very pleased.Sincerely,

Janice Lee Baehr

Hi there Dennis – Hope all’s well in Wickenburg. The Kentucky KM 1000 mandolin arrived in perfect condition today. Thanks so much for taking such care with the packing, and also for addressing my concerns prior to purchasing it. This is the first time I’ve bought anything substantial online; thank you for making the experience so worthwhile. I shall certainly recommend your store to my friends. Thanks again, and best wishes to you.Kind regards,

Bruce / Australia

Hello Dennis – I recently purchased my third instrument from The Mandolin Store – a Kentucky KM-1000 – with no surprises at all. None. In fact, the whole experience was just dull, dull, dull. And here’s why: first, just like the other two times, I got exactly what the Vances and their crew advertised on the website and told me about on the phone: a good-sounding mandolin with no structural or cosmetic issues. And I knew that if there had been issues, I would have been told. Yawn! Second, as with the Flatiron and Weber I purchased from Dennis previously, the Kentucky was set up and intonated properly. It plays evenly and in tune, up and down the neck, with the projection, clarity, and strong low end I associate with a KM-1000 (from having tried out several here in the CA Bay Area). Snore! Third, as always, the instrument was carefully packed for shipping. Been there, done that! And finally, as usual, the price was fair. Looks we’re back in Kansas, Toto! The Mandolin Store: just like going to Bingo with Grandma. In other words, money well spent. I’d recommend it to anybody.

T. Hallenbeck, Ca

Dear Dennis – I received today my new Martin D42 in excellent conditions as you told me. I am very very happy because all has been perfect. Thank you very much for be patient with my initial doubts about shipping and all my fears. The guitar is perfect and I could see my guitar shipping by internet everyday. I will recommend you to all my friends and I hope to buy you again and visit you maybe one day in USA. I show you some pictures about today and the guitar in its first day at home. Maybe it is a good idea to show in your web the people being happy with their instruments. Thanks a lot to you and everybody at The Mandolin Store. From Spain my regards and appreciation.

Antonio / Spain

Now it’s my turn to thank YOU for providing THE BEST customer service of any store I’ve ever done business with. I’ve bought several instruments from your shop and COMPLETELY trust you. Due to some bad experiences of my own, my trust does not come easily. I wish more shop owners and businessmen conducted themselves the way you do. The world would be a much better place. Take care and stay strong.Sincerely,


Dennis, Good call on the Coyote. It arrived today. Regarding sound, this thing is huge. I appreciate your taking time with me last Wednesday on the phone, discussing options, making recommendations and stringing up the other Weber to play the two options over the phone. I hadn’t even considered the Coyote prior to our discussion. I’m thankful that you suggested it. While I’ve only had about an hour with it so far, I like what I’m hearing. I need to get my fingers accustomed to the scale (the Mid-Missouri is shorter) and the wide nut. All things considered, it is a great leap forward. I’m going to have fun with this…Best,

Chris / St. Louis, MO

My mandolin arrived in perfect condition yesterday 12 Nov. I have been tracking it on it’s travels from your store and was pleasantly surprised at the speed it got here. For such a reasonably priced instrument I cannot believe the craftsmanship tone and volume of this instrument! I now have many years of practice and playing before I feel I can give it justice. Finally I would like to thank you for your exceptional service, I will be recommending you to all my musical friends.Many thanks,

Stephen / Channel Islands

Dear Dennis – Today I received the long awaiting 0-45S Stephen Stills Torch. It is an absolutely fantastic guitar, with a greater than great and beautiful sound. I would like to thank you once again that you and I had this perfect match that gave me the opportunity to buy this masterpiece.With kind regards,

Peter van Heukelom / Netherlands

Dennis After spending a few days with the Coyote, I wanted to write and say thank you for a great experience buying from you. I took a lesson today and am having all kinds of fun with it. Had the action lowered a tad, but regardless, the Coyote is significantly better sounding and louder than my KM-505. I have no doubt that I’ll be picking up another Mandolin down the line and I will be sure to give you a call. I’m really fascinated with the Weber Big Horn you have, but another Mandolin purchase right now would land me in Divorce Court. Who knows, maybe that lottery ticket came through tonight and we can do a bunch of Weber custom orders. Anyway, thanks again. The Mandolin Store’s great reputation in the community is well-earned and well-deserved.Best regards,

Scott / Ca

I just received my BMD504 Eastman mandolin by UPS, and I absolutely love it. The workmanship and finish are exceptional. Best of all, I got it as “Shop Worn”, but the defect in the gloss finish looks literally like nothing more than a speck of dust. Just one gig might give me the same thing. My wife was a little anxious about getting a “second” without inspecting it first, but I had a good feeling, and went with it. Here in New York City, the only Eastmans to be found are in high-end shops and are all first quality, at a well deserved high price. I never thought that I’d own one myself, but you made it possible. The set up is great, it came in a really nice custom fit case (which was not advertised, and was a nice surprise) and the delivery was right on schedule. Thank you,

Stephen / NY

Dear Mandolin Store people – I must say that my high expectations had been excelled. The mandolin is just beautiful, and the sound is exactly the one I wanted. The price was unbeatable even with freight, customs and import tax. People may say that it is a risk to buy a musical instrument via mail or internet order. This is not the case with TMS. With your perfect photos and the specific MP3 files it is easy to get a very clear picture of the instrument. And your excellent service really let me forget that there are some thousand miles between my house and TMS… You made the the distance shrink to the distance between me and my computer or telephone. This was the third instrument which I purchased at TMS, it might not be the last one (I am frequently checking your website) Thanks again for your great serviceBest regards,

Hans-Werner Grünewald / Germany

Dennis, Thought I drop you a line to let you know how much I’m enjoying my new Weber . It’s so fine that my wife is getting jealous. It really sounds great and plays nicely. The action is set exactly like I wanted. Nice job. I don’t play very well but with this baby I may be able to fool some folks. It has been a real pleasure working with you and the other guys at The Mandolin Store. Your customer service is outstanding. You guys went out of your way to make me happy and succeeded in doing so. I wish you all the greatest success in the future.Regards,

Mike / Alaska

Dennis, Hello from the state of Iowa. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the purchase through your store of the Kentucky KM1000. As I mentioned over the phone I bought a model KM855 through you some time ago, and even though I like it a lot, I decided to uprade to a better quality mandolin. After much investigation and checking various stores out and playing so many different brands and models, and after talking to you I don’t believe I could have possibly made a better choice – truly an awesome instrument in every way! I doubt if there is a better sounding bluegrass mandolin at this price anywhere. At least after all the research, I have not found one. Thanks for your advice and once again for your outstanding service, set-up, etc. You have my endorsement with anyone I’ll talk to with regards to purchasing quality acoustic instruments.

Sincerely, Mike

Hi Dennis – Oh man, what can I say – this new Coyote blows my mind. We both know how beautiful it is but wow, does it sound great! I’m amazed at the low end on this thing! No comparison to my Eastman. Different league altogether. And it feels so right in my hands. I can’t imagine what it will sound like once she opens up. Thank you Dennis for helping me put this together. I hope it wasn’t too much trouble. You and your team shined once again.

Bob / Ohio

Hi Dennis – I just want to let you know that I am very happy with the Gibson F5G. You guys did it again. The mando sounds amazing and very powerful. After I got it I took it straight to Tapanga Fiddle and Banjo contest where my band and I competed. With this new mando I was able to make it to second place not the mandos fault that I did not make it to first. Anyhow, I got a lot of comments from people who asked me what model is that mando and so on. I told them what it was and where I got it. I am so amaze of the sound I can pull out of this Gibson. Oh and the pick guard I ordered from you folks fits perfectly on this instrument. Thanks so much for your help in getting me the right mando. I will continue to spread the word about the Mandolin Store and of course I can’t wait to get another mando from you in the near future.Take care and may God bless you all.

Chris / Ca

Hello Dennis – I never shop on line, know very little about mandolins, but knew I wanted to look and see what was out there. The pictures and write-up on your site gave me the courage to call and ask all my many questions. I so appreciated your kind manner and patience, and extreme helpfulness. You gave me the confidence to go ahead and order, seeing only pictures. I believed I was getting a very nice mandolin, but when it came and we opened it… What a SURPRISE! That Eastman MD515 totally AMAZED us! It’s beauty over blew any expectation. Truly, I have never seen anything so beautiful (and I have seen lots of guitars and a few mandolins at local music stores). I must admit, the picture of it on your site had me a little worried ( it doesn’t do it justice at all), but we ( by now my husband too was on the phone) felt we could trust you as to it’s superb quality, appearance, and great sound. You know your business well, and we are glad you were there for us. Without your input, I would have ended up with a flashy piece of much less quality. Thank you all so much (Zack was very nice and helpful also). We definitely want to use you for any such purchases in the future. You have our confidence.Appreciatively,

Brad & Meredith / La

Hi Dennis – The new Coyote is just great. Literally compares to anything I have played and I have played Dudes, Gils, Loars, 20’s Ferns, Nuggets, Collings, Duffs, RW’s – you name it. It has a slightly slimmer neck profile which is good. I prefer the Loar pencil thin neck! Anyway – not particularly urgent, your inputs welcomed, but I would like to get one of those Diamondbacks once the RW sells and it would almost certainly be a special order.Leo / Mn I received my Kentucky KM-505 today and it is absolutely awesome! The sound is fantastic and I can’t believe the difference compared to the cheapo I was using. Sound, appearance, feel, – this mando has it all. Thanks for the advice, fast shipment, great packing job, and perfect setup. I was teaching myself with the cheapo but can’t wait to start lessons to really learn to play my first quality mando. This may be my first but if there are any more in my future I know that I will be calling you. Thanks!

Robert / Va

Dennis – Just wanted to write you folks a note and let you know how much I’m enjoying my new Weber Coyote that I purchased from you. This is one outstanding Mandolin. I love everything about my new Weber. The tone and playability are right on!! Kudos to Weber for building such a fine instrument!! I appreciate all the help and patience you both have given me while deciding on the right mandolin for me. You folks are top notch!! I am also enjoying the Kentucky KM1000 Master model that I also bought from you. Both are a dream to play!! Thanks again for all the help, The Mandolin Store has won all my future business!!!!!Bryan in TN The Rover mandolin that I ordered last week made it home Tuesday just as you guys said. I am really pleased with it. Actually, very surprised with what I got for the money. It is a lot more mandolin than I expected for the price. Although I am not very experienced with mandolins I know a few guys that are, so I had a pretty good idea what makes a good one. And I think this one will do me for quite a while. I was also very pleased with the way the Mandolin store “took care of business”. I am sure that we will be doing some more business in the future.Thanks for helping me take another step up on the mandolin ladder.


Dennis – Thanks so much for everything Saturday. The Collings MF is a real treat. I just wanted to thank you again, and let you know that my entire family felt incredibly welcome. I have been to nice instrument shops throughout the country, and none have come close to your level of customer service. A lot of these places freak out when they see kids come into their store, you sir on the other hand welcomed us with open arms. That kind of service is truly rare these days. Consider me a devoted customer. If I ever need another instrument (hard to imagine right now), you will be my go-to guy. Also please pass on my thanks to the guy working there, I am terrible with names, he was incredibly helpful and fun to hang out with. When people ask where I got such a great instrument, I will proudly tell them the Mandolin Store. BTW, the city of Wickenburg should give you some sort of award. I am sure that your shop brings in mandolin addicts from all corners of the globe, and definitely stimulates their economy. Wickenburg could use a Bob Evans, but hey no place is perfect! :)Take care, and best of luck in the future.

Scott Holt

Hi Dennis and Crew – I received my Weber-F ( Fern) today ! Thanks for your prompt service and quick shipping. What a beautiful instrument. It is so much easier to play than my previous mandolin and great sound . I’m so glad I got it when I did. I’m sure I will get many years of playing enjoyment out it.Thanks again!

Ryuji / Japan

Dennis – The custom 1833 Martin D42 arrived in fine shape on Friday. Thanks for your excellent service once again. The guitar seems to be a real cannon with superior tone. A little gaudy, but also beautiful in a bling, bling way, ha ha. Thanks for the great pricing on this instrument and the mandola. Can’t wait to play the mandola on Wednesday. Will let you know when it arrives. Thanks again. You and your staff “do it right”. Joe Greetings Folks at the Mandolin Store: A few days ago I returned from a short trip, one that required me to leave my mandolin behind for a few days. When I got home I went to fetch it out of the closet to find that the pipe in the upstairs bathroom had ruptured turning the walk in closet into a rain forest (it was literally raining in there). I quickly took the mandolin case out, wiped it off and fearing the worse opened it to find that my new mandolin was untouched and didn’t have a drop of water on it! Compare this to the bagpipe case setting right next to it that had filled completely up. What can I say, you did a great job with your choice of cases.Thanks,

Jim Beaufort, SC

Hi Dennis and Crew – I really do want to give a feedback to the WEBER F-Mandolin I bought from you. Buying a mando via internet (just having see some pictures of it) is somewhat of a modern adventure with an open end. As a buyer, you need somebody on the other side, who acts not only as a very reliable seller, whose description of the condition of the instrument you can absolutely trust in, but somebody, who is able and willing to lend you his ears, eyes and hands for a while and slip into your role. If you find a seller like this, you’ve got a pretty good chance to get the instrument you are looking for even via internet. I dared a try and found such a place and seller: The mandolinstore.com – the mando that arrived was 100 % the instrument that we talked about in quite some mails. Thanks for this very good support in all concerns – I’ll be back for another one some time! Although I am happy at the moment with “our mandolin”

ATBTomm, Germany

Dennis – I received my Weber Special Edition several days ago! I would like to thank you and your family for helping me to buy a mandolin that I will cherish and pass down to my children. I appreicate the customer service which helped me pick out the right mandolin for me. I feel I own a piece of art. I typically have buyers remorse when purchasing intstruments on line. Most on line stores never live up to expectations and do not understand the instruments they sell. The Mandolin Store promptly returned my calls and advised me as to which mandolin was right for me in my price range.My Weber is of great quality, sound and beauty. It is a keeper and will stand out in a crowd.Hope to talk to you soon!Thanks!

Joe Ellison / Ohio

Hi Dennis,  Zach – WOW wow WOW wow!!!… I am speechless! What a beautiful mando! (the most beautiful I have ever seen) And a beautiful voice to match…Many Many thanks. My husband and I are soooo happy with our new Webers!!! Your photos were great, but in person, they were even more gorgeous! We wish you all- all the best… we are thrilled!


Dennis – I just wanted to thank you for being the best music store on the planet. I don’t think I have ever dealt with anyone who is more honorable, and generous than you all at The Mandolin Store Thank You and God Bless

Jay Walker / CTFormally with Geronimo At The Wheel

Dennis – This email is long overdue, but better late than never. Late last year you sold me a GREAT Weber Mandolin. I am sure you remember it, the two-point custom. I wanted to let you know that it is amazing. This was my second mandolin buying experience with The Mandolin Store and throughout the entire process (of both sales) I felt one thing. I felt that I was the most important customer that your store has. That is something that is very rarely felt when shopping and I can never remember feeling that before when buying over the Internet. I wanted to make sure that you knew that I was 110% satisfied with the sales assistance, shipping and handling, product received, and the sound quality of this amazing mandolin! You have once again created a life long customer, you have achieved excellence in customer service. The mandolin store is “the most helpful shop on the planet”.Thanks!!


Hello Dennis, man I sure appreciate you giving me that new compensated saddle to try. I put it in exactly how you described – had to sand down quite a bit to match the old existing saddle in height, and even had to lightly sand the sides some to get it to fit in the slot. BUT dang – the old guitar is now IN tune all the way up the neck and wow – it even sounds better. Good thing you sold me that new Martin before I installed that new saddle!!! HaHa!! Im so happy – with your help – I was able to fix my old D-35. Now I play it without having to re-tune every time when I put the capo on down the neck. OH YEAH – the new HD-28 guitar and the Weber Buffalo mandolin are both awesome too – I will never regret buying them and from you. Thanks one more time for helping me with the sales. I hope God richly blesses you and your family and business this year.Your Friend,

Bill / Louisiana

Dennis & crew – Got my new Weber Special Edition mandolin today. The only disappointment I felt was that I didn’t have more time to play it! It’s beautiful, plays like a dream, and the sound…oh…my…God!!! Just wanted to thank you for your help. Wonderful product.

Mike / Wa

Dennis – Got my guitar last night and just opened it this morning. All I can say is wow, I can’t believe how much I love the guitar. The guitar is perfectly balanced. You did great on the set up too. Wasn’t sure what to except buying a guitar online sight unseen, but it was a great choice! I know where I’ll be getting my next guitar from!! Thanks for the quick shipment! Thanks Again,


Dennis – Loving my new mandola ! I am so glad I previously ordered the wider nut on my mandolin. The transition to mandola is almost effortless ! The stretch is only slightly longer and since I do not do much bluegrass chops, I don’t see any left hand issues ahead. I do not forsee any adjustment issues for me with the style I usually play. I am wanting to get into cross picking. I think the sustain of the mandola will really make this playing style sound nice. I am hoping to be able to play some slow Celtic/Scottish aires on the mandola. I just filed my warranty card today with Weber and looking forward to getting to know my Bridger A Mandola. I see Celtic and old traditional hymns sounding real nice on this instrument. While you only add 7 notes to your menu with a mandola (vs a mandolin) you do had a different sound with more sustain. The deeper and larger sound box gives a different tone altogether. So far, I could not be happier with my purchase. Maybe in 2010 or 2011, I will consider that Breedlove tenor guitar that is set up like an octave mandolin. My budget is full right now and I need to focus on these lovely instruments that I have purchased in the last few months. By the way, the NAMM card works out fine. I paid the other one off in the 90 day window and now starting on the mandola. Their on-line payment system works fine. You can make a payment anytime you want and you can stretch the payments over time if you choose. Very convenient.Sincerely,


Dennis – I am impressed with this Eastman guitar. The build quality and attention to detail remind of the Larrivee 03 Series guitars. The spruce top may not be of the highest grade appearance wise, but I think the natural markings give it a bit of character. It looks a little silky at certain angles. I prefer a tighter grain, so I am happy with the top. The mahogany looks awesome. I like the natural light marks in the ebony fret board (I hate it when the dye ebony). The frets are nicely finished and the lacquer finish is exceptional for a guitar under $1000. Heck, even the case is impressive. You did a fantastic job on the set up. I’ve been working on guitars almost as long as I’ve been playing them. I am very particular about how my guitars are set up. The action at the nut is great and the string height at the 12th fret is where I like it. The harmonics ring strong and the trebles are bright without sounding shrill. I am very surprised with the low end. I can’t wait to get home from work tomorrow and give it some serious playing time. I owned an Epiphone Masterbilt and a Guild GAD 30R. I can honestly say Eastman beats them hands down. Thanks again Dennis. I will do business with you again.


Hi Dennis and all at The Mandolin Store, I have been playing my new MD604 mandolin for the last two hours, and I just wanted to say that I’m very happy with it. It’s everything I’ve expected it to be and more. It looks and plays beautifully and sounds just as good as much more expensive instruments. I want to thank you for your excellent service, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone here looking for a reliable source of good instruments. All the best,

Ehud Nathan / Israel

Thanks to everyone at the Mandolin Store. The Bitterroot Octar came in as expected… but so much better!!!!! The mandolin player in my band wants it now!…some muttering about waiting for me to get tired of it…I’ll direct him to your website….What an instrument1 The Weber craftsmanship is superb and your service is excellent. Thanks to the Mandolin Store!!

Rex WilliamsRaleigh, NC

Hola Mandolin Store, I bought a Rover RM75 from you about a month ago. It is my first Mando and I couldn’t be happier. It is also the first time I have ever bought and instrument sight-unseen. You guys are great and thanks for the killer set up. I will be back as soon as I can afford a real mando and have some chops to go with it. I found you guys via the Mandolin Cafe where you come highly recommended and now I see why. Thanks,

Todd Spiehler

Hi guys – The mandolin arrived today in one piece and is a dead set beauty!!!!! Thanks for your help and prompt service. You actually saved me AUS$2000.00 the same model a 904L was priced for me here last week at AUS$3200.00 so thanks very much. I,m doing back flips down Bondi beachthanks again hope your dreams come true in 2009best wishes and kind regards,

Glen Bloor / Australia

Well, what a journey that turned out to be. Thanks to you and your team for coming along on the ride. My MD515 is more than I expected. I love it. It feels right in my hands. I can not thank and your team enough for everything you did. Good customer service is rare these days and you folks are outstanding. I trusted total strangers on mandolincafe to tell me where to go. You didn’t let me down. Thank you,

Bob A / Ohio

Hello Dennis – I received the F5G today. I like the dark Bluegrass Sound. It’s a pleasure to be the new owner of this mandolin. Thanks a lot for your quick answers over the Holidays. It worked out great. Tonight I will have the chance to use it the first time in our Swiss Bluegrass Band.Thanks,

Peter / Switerzland

Dennis: I got an Eastman AC408 from you a few months ago. It truly is an amazing value. I feel a little guilty that I play it more than my custom shop Martin, but it is so easy to play, sounds great, and I don’t feel bad if I abuse it a little. I was playing it for a friend who is a professional musician and he couldn’t believe how beautiful it sounds and said that he may have to track one down to serve as a back out for his many expensive acoustics. Thanks for a pleasant experience


I just received my Martin D-15 guitar and Kentucky Km-675 mandolin. I can’t be more pleased! Everything was packed so well nothing could have happened to them. Thought was definitely put into it. Both instruments were set up perfectly, what a great job! I love the way they play and sound. I would like to thank you for the help on the phone. You answered all my questions and never pressured me to buy. When I received them everything was as you said, honesty goes a long way with me, thank you. I will not hesitate to buy from you again!Thanks,


I opened the Larrivee Friday evening and tuned it up. From the very first notes that I played, I knew that I had made the right decision. Your website was so helpful in making my choice. Thanks for the excellent service and quick shipping. Everything about the mandolin store instilled trust in this cutomer and I will be passing on my experience to anyone that will listen. I already own too many guitars so I’m in no danger of being tempted by a new Martin. (Marting D-18GE sunburst, Martin M-38, Gibson L-1, Larrivee Maple Parlor, and an 1897 Washburn Model 123 in Brazilian and Andirondack). Thanks so much, it’s the best Christmas/Birthday present I ever bought myself! Have a happy and peaceful holiday.Thanks,

Ralph S

Dennis, the new mandolin string winder I got from your store is amazing. It eliminates the awkwardness of guitar string winders and the risk of scratching the mandolin head stock. You HAVE to keep those in stock. They’re a must-have for mandolin players. Actually cut my string changing time down by about 1/2. Thanks,

Bill S

Hi Dennis…….I’ve been playing the Godin A8 electric mandolin all weekend. Once again your recommendation is a winner! The tone when plugged in is amazing realistic and the playability is quite good. As this is my third mandolin purchase from you, it ‘s great to know that I have a “go to guy” that I can trust for all my mandolin needs. Thanks again for all your help and the fantastic service.

Gary B. / Fla

Dennis – It has been about six weeks now since I received the mahogany Collings CW that I purchased from you on a trade-plus-cash deal. I am really, really delighted with the Collings CW that you sold me. Both with respect to its exceptional tonal qualities and its impeccable condition, it is everything you said it was. I was sorry to see my old Collings D-2H go, but the trade terms that you offered were generous. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I will certainly keep an eye on your website in the future.

Douglass J / MD

Dennis, the mando is great and set up just perfect, couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.The Mandolin Store is great, fast shipping, and helpful in every way, will definitly buy again…..thanks,

Smokey in Texas

Dennis, I know we joke a lot about my trading and the snob thing, but I really have to say a huge thanks to you for getting me into some great instruments. From the heart, the Copperhead and the Flatiron give me unlimited enjoyment and incentive to improve and the Santa Cruz, well, I don’t even have to say it. The SC just calls to me and says “get out the Brian Sutton DVD and get busy.” You probably didn’t know the guitar could talk or you would have priced it higher. . . The Gibson, now enhanced and electrified is perfect for folk-rock jams and for finger picking. There’s no one in town that I could have worked with on multiple trades or gotten such quality instruments from and no one besides you and Phil Clark (the repair and restoration guy at Sam Ash) that I really trust with regard to the quality of an instrument. Nor would I have kept pushing forward until I had a real arsenal of stringed instruments without your help and zero-pressure guidance. I believe our encounters have genuinely changed what playing bluegrass can be in my life and what is possible for me to reach as a serious amateur. So, thanks.

Bill / Phoenix Arizona ( 4 instruments purchased in 2008)

Hey Dennis – Got my D2h back. I just want to thank you for all the extra ‘stuff’ you had to do. It’s funny. When I opened the box up and got her all tuned and ready, I began to notice things I did not when I first got her. All very pleasing. What great tone this guitar has. And then I’d go to play my Martin and think that I have tissue in my ears, realizing the sound is kind of ‘muffled’. This is a discovery of a lifetime for me in regards to guitars, and I want to thank you for it. Later down the road when I eyeball a D1, I know who to call.Thanks Dennis and happy pickin’,


Hi Dennis and all concerned,I love my new Weber SE! What a beautiful instrument. It is so much easier to play than my previous mandolin. I’m so glad I got it when I did. I’m sure I will get many years of playing enjoyment out it. Keep up the good work over there…….and believe me this won’t be the last time we will have contact. I’ll be back for other items in the future. You all know what we needand want and that’s just good business and great customer service. Thanks again,

Susan Horn / Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Mandolin store folks. I want to thank you for the Gibson F-9 you sold me last week. I would of wrote earlier but I couldn’t put it down. I’m totally nuts about it. I have been going up to strangers and telling them about it I get two inches from there nose and scream ” It’s the best mandolin in the world!!!” They are all jealous. Anyway I am super happy. Thank you again for the beautiful mandolin and the great deal and for shipping it out so quick.Your friend ,

Kinley Adams

Dennis – I wanted to write and let you know how awesome the used Weber SE is!! It arrived last week in great shape (of course). My instructor loved it, too! He had not seen an SE before, and couldn’t keep his hands off of it. Cannon, indeed! Although I’m a newbie to the mandolin world, you folks helped me learn at warp speed, with respect. I can’t thank you enough for that! I couldn’t be more pleased. And I thank you both for your recommendations and your ability to listen. I loved the Weber, and my experience with ya’ll has been all the encouragement I needed to jump right in. A GREAT experience for sure!Again, many thanks!!Another thrilled customer and friend,

Amy Veenhuizen

Hey Dennis – Just wanted to let you Know How much I love my Eastman Guitars. As you know I traded in my Santa Cruz on a Gibson F5G Deluxe. The reason I traded My beloved Santa Cruz is because when I got the Eastman Dreadnought, It blew the Santa Cruz away, and The Eastman OM model with the slot head has the biggest sound of any small bodied guitar I have ever playedYou guy are the Best, thanks for everything.


I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the great service I received for a small item. I was treated as if I was spending a fortune. I purchased a $40 mando bridge and was helped with things I did not understand about changing a bridge. My cheap mando sounds great and has perfect action because of the info your sales person took the time to explain to me. My mando barks for the first time! I was in a bad motorcycle wreck and was missing my mando something awful during this extended healing period off my feet. The bridge came the next day, I was so happy.I will be in the market for a new mandolin in the not so distant future and will coming to you for a nice mando with great sound and no bling. I will be calling you for that and any other needs I have in the future. Please thank who ever helped me. My name is John Mann I live in Bingen WA. Thanks for such awesome service. I will be passing you along to my friends.

John Mann

Hi Dennis and Bryan,I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and patience. I have never ever found a store with such great service and sincerity. I can’t believe how much you truly care about your customers. Also your recommendations are always for the the best. I am very proud to have met you folks and I hope that we can meet in person someday. Until then, I will do everything I can to let everybody know that if they want a great customer service, great deals and people who are willing to get the best instruments then The Mandolin Store is just what they need. Again, thank you very much and God Bless.

Aloha, Chris / www.chriscerna.com

Hi Dennis – My Weber diamondback arrived today. Thank you and your staff very much for all your help with making this a painless purchase and for the excellent job on fitting the pick guard. I cant believe the volume this mandolin has in the midrange plus crisp highs and a nice rounded bassCheers!

Gary / Australia

G’day Dennis – A huge thank you. Your customer service is outstanding! Every email was answered.and you turned my disappointment at missing the pre-owned model, to great joy with the outstanding deal you gave me on the on the new model. After a little delay with customs I’m finally holding my Breedlove FF Sunburst and I must say it sounds awesome. I love It. Makes the Rover sound very ordinary.Feels so smooth to play. I really can’t thank you enough. Will be hearing from me again. Two mandolins in two months and happy.Thanks again

Mark / Australia

Dennis, Received the Ratliff R-5. After playing the thunder out of it for the last couple of days, I like it more and more. It was exactly as described if not better. Amazingly fast service. Most people write only to complain but you guys are great to do business with. Would recommendyou to anybody and will be doing business with you again.Thanks,

James / Tx

Hello there you fine people of Mandolin Store! My order arrived yesterday only 5 days after I ordered it. The Eastman is gorgeous! Nicely set up! The instrument plays beautifully, you really do deliver what you promise.Thank you, all the best,

Juho Kosunen / Finland

The Mandolin Store – My Mandolin arrived to my work yesterday morning 6 days after purchase. Amazing!! I can’t get that sort of service in my own country. The Mandolin arrived safe and sound and its beautiful. I am very happy with the instrument. It sounds great and plays very well. I’ve already written a song for it and commenced its performance career.Thanks for your help. I’ll be back.

George Tumino / Australia

Dennis – Having purchased a Weber Bridger A from you I wanted to send some feedback. The process from first contact through multiple communications was, quite simply, painless. Being apprehensive about spending “so much” money, in retrospect you gave me a fantastic deal and represented such a beautiful instrument perfectly. The instrument continues to bring me great joy and I want to express my thanks for your great service and attention to detail. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Mark Stevens / NC

Greetings Dennis – I received the mandolin Thursday and was immediately impressed with the excellent condition of both the mandolin and the case. One would be hard pressed to tell them from new. The Gallatin plays beautifully and is stunning in appearance. I want to thank both of you for your help and patience. I’ll definitely be giving you my future business. Thanks again. Take care.

S. Lyle / WA

Hi Dennis….You did it again…another fantastic mandolin!! I was a little hesitant spending as much as I did, but after receiving my Weber Special Edition Cedar Top I realize that it is a bargain!!! This is my third purchase from you and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again for everything. Gary B.Thank you for the awesome Weber Yellowstone Deluxe! I have been a guitarist for 25+ years and playing professionally for the last 15. This mandolin is taking time away from my guitar practicing. What an instrument! Thanks for the great service and packing job. I will be using it on the 7th Incendio CD which should be in stores this summer!


Hey there Dennis,You guys were right! The eastman 515 you put in the mail for me recently is a work of art. What a tremendous value I got. The curl to that maple is outstanding!!! sweet, clear sound too.you’ve got a good thing going there in Arizona. I couldn’t find an instrument that nice for that price point anywhere here in the Portland, Oregon area…. don’t go changin’. I’ve been a guitarist for years,so I’ve shopped my share of quality wooden stringed instruments. I enjoy the fresh-crafted aroma that wafts out of the quality eastman case every time I open her up. Was I anxious about buying an acoustic instrument over the internet? duh!!! You bet I was. Thanks you so much for meeting me in the middle on this one, and know that really appreciate your honesty and expertise.

Joe Doyle / Beaverton, Oregon

Dennis – I received the Mandolin today. I gotta take my hat off to you. You did an incredible job on the setup… the intonation is perfect everywhere on the neck and the action is exactly what I asked for… a baby could play on that first fret… excellent job at the nut…I am so sorry I wasted money on other mandolins before coming to your store…and the Eastman 505 is an incredible value at that price, loud as heck and sounds like a $2000 mandolin for quarter of the price …I can’t thank you enough and thanks for all the time you gave me…and free shipping to boot…. Just unbelievable…Any plans on opening up a satellite store in NJ? I hope so.

Frank Tiedemann / NJ

Hello folks – Again, another “thank you” for your advice and service on my second mandolin purchase from you. I received my instrument exactly as we discussed. Perfect set-up. I’ve played this same import at a big shop in Michigan and besides a higher price, the action had a lot to be desired. With imports especially, that final set-up done at the shop usually is the difference between an instrument that’s either a disappointment or a real joy to play. This “back up” mando is just perfect for my needs. As musician’s, we’ve all been skinned a time or two over the years. When you get great service, price, etc. from a shop the first time, you feel somewhat lucky. When you receive the same great service, etc. the second time around, you know you’re dealing with real pros’. This is from a guy who’s been pickin’ for 30 plus years and have dealt with a lot of music shops. I can attest that you guys really are ” The Most Helpful Mandolin Shop on the Planet.”

Tim Lucas,

Dennis, I just received the Kentucky model KM855 today and checked it out thoroughly and played it, and let me just say, it’s everything I thought it would be. I really like the deep burst color and overall appearance of the mandolin. But even more, I’m really impressed with the sound! Great tone quality and projection all up and down the neck. I honestly have seen and played others that were valued much higher, but this model Kentucky stands right with them, if not better. If you ever need an endorsement for your store, you’ll have mine….Sincerely,


Thanks Dennis for your patience and help in picking a mandolin that would help me reach for serious (seriously fun) playing. The Gibson F9 I bought from you was a huge step up for me and it has made me seek out far more difficult pieces that I would have dreamed possible. The sound is rich and getting richer. Most of all I can’t believe the level of service you provided in helping me pick the right instrument.


Bill Sheldon, Glendale AZ

I just wanted to thank you Dennis for your help on my recent purchase of a Weber Yellowstone Deluxe Mandolin. It is an awesome instrument. The transaction was handled great and the trade in was fair. I will highly recommend The Mandolin Store. I had just had a bad experience with a Gibson F5-g that I ordered through an individual off Craig’s list that arrived at my home damaged. It ended up being a blessing in disguise because I got to see and play the Gibson and it was just not that impressive as compared to the Morgan-Monroe mandolin that I had played for three years. I got my money back on that deal luckily and started talking to Dennis and am glad I did.Thanks,

Larry J from Bristol, TN

Dennis, Thought I’d drop a line now….that the distressed,#2 I believe has settled in.The sound is only getting bigger,if you can believe that. As a diehard instrument trader,since receiving this mandolin I don’t even think of buying another,PERIOD.The distressed Weber is everything,I want and need. Loud but not harsh,great low end,Just an awesome sounding instrument,a joy to play,hold and look at.Mine is less than six weeks old and i can only grin to think about bhowm it’s gonna sound in a year,two..Thanks,

Tracy / FLA

Dennis, Good evening to you! Thank you, thank you, and thank you some more! I am so very pleased with the Mando. Your suggestion to go with the Breedlove was “right on” and I’m so very thankful I threw the budget aside and opted for that “blond bombshell” I have in my front room. Thank you, Dennis. Your service, support, and advice – all that you do is sincerely appreciated. You’ve got a customer for life. By the way, I will call you tomorrow, I need a strap, picks, and some other things.

Dennis Howard / Ohio

Thanks very much for your excellent service and super fast shipping! The guitar arrived safely today after some sort of hiccup delay getting through customs. The Blueridge BR-180 certainly stacks up to other guitars in my collection, including my Martin D-35, so I appreciate your guitar summary. I am a very satisfied customer of yours, having also purchased my octave mandolin from you as well.

Harold Branton / Australia

Dennis , just wanted to drop a line to say my Scruggs Standard arrived today. THANK YOU for the great and knowledgeable service and all the prompt emails.I will do business with THE MANDOLIN STORE again.I will testify you guys are truly ‘The most helpful shop on the planet’ thanks again.

J.C.Harder Toledo, Ohio

Dear Dennis – Just a quick `thanks’ for your incredible service and attention to detail. I ordered a Michael Kelly Dragonfly Flame III and it arrived a few days ago. The instrument was perfectly set up, packed meticulously, arrived when promised, and in addition to all that you kindly added a little extra that my son now `owns’, namely your key chain pick holder stuffed with picks. Sometimes it is the little things that make the difference, but I just wanted to say `thanks’ for going above and beyond. When I win the lottery and decide to spend a fraction of my winnings on a vintage instrument, I will certainly be giving you a call. In addition, the instrument exceeded my expectations… how often does that happen?Jeff

Just got the Breedlove Quartz FF and THIS THING IS UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you for talking me into this, not sure how well I can play, if I can play it but this thing is a great mandolin. Thank you very much and it was a pleasure dealing with you!

Dave / New York

I would like to say THANK YOU. My experience yesterday was the most enjoyable I have ever experienced. Your professionalism and knowledge of mandolins is wonderful. Thank you, Dennis  for suggesting the Legacy over the KM800. My friend that I mentioned REALLY likes this mandolin. I have already learned three basic chords and will be practicing for about 3-4 hours a night. I didn’t want to put it away last night to go to bed. Thanks again guys, you ROCK!!

Richard Bowman / Arizona

Dennis – Well, the wandering mandolin finally arrived. The shipping carton took some battle damage, but the contents came through without a hitch. Thanks, Dennis, you guys picked out a real gem of an instrument for me. I was a little worried about buying an instrument without actually seeing it first, but the combination of being able to travel to other Eastman dealers to look at the products prior to purchase helped the decision. But it was your confidence in your products that really put me at ease. This Eastman 804D is everything you said it would be and more. I played it for the first time last night and it let me know that its tone will evolve and develop quickly. All-in-all, every aspect of this instrument is top drawer, from the security of the case to the attention to detail of the construction and THE HUGE TONE POTENTIAL OF THIS INSTRUMENT. Thanks. It was worth the wait.Your customer for life,

Marshall Trembley

Hi there Dennis and team,Just e-mailing you to say that the bass arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Wow! thank you very much its much better playing and looking than i thought it would be! I was shocked it got here so quick it was such a brilliant surprise. Thanks for all your help with shipping etc. Ill be recomending you to all my friends and look forward to doing business with you again,Cheers,

Daniel Carroll / Ireland

Hi Dennis, Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you and your associate yesterday. I am both happy and sad to see you go….but I promise I am adding you to my favorite seller’s list, as I will be in the market for a mandolin (and who knows what else) within the next year or so. I really do feel that you guys offer very good values on some quality gear, and I am sure that your success will continue in your new Arizonastore. Again, I thank you, and wish you all the best! Cheers,

John Oaks / OH

This is Ken Adams, I was in there last week with my buddy Paul. I want to tell you that I LOVE that Breedlove Roots Prototype..It is unbelievable acoustically and plug’d in…I’ve had a few of my buddies who are diehard Martin guys play it blindfolded and they swore it was either a D28 or a D35. Then when they saw what it was they were impressed. We’ve played a few shows since I bought it and it just sounds amazing. Thanks for showing me that guitar I absolutely love it.

Ken Adams / Ironton OhioSheldon Road www.myspace.com/sheldonroad

Hello Dennis,The Weber that I purchased from you is a remarkable piece of art/craftsmanship. After playing various instruments and comparing what other band members have played over the years, (40 of them), I found the Weber to be second to none over the” hot” selling competition. Your shop selection was overwhelming to say the least. The help in choosing between all the instruments was not only incredibly helpful but the set-up, after the sale was right on! I’m starting to sound like an advertisement for both the Weber as well as The Mandolin Store so I’ll stop for now. Thank you again for everything.

Tim Lucas / Ohio

Dennis, I received my Breedlove Quartz FF last week and I’ve barely set it down since. Your delivery was prompt, you represented the instrument well, and my gang all approves, because we all know, it’s what the boys in the band think about the sound that really matters…:-). A few days later I received the HS case, as promised, and I didn’t even have to call or email to remind you, I should have known! Thanks again for a great recommendation on a great mando. I was able to buy American made, and I’m quite happy with the sound.

Marty Pelletier / NH

Hello Dennis I was thrilled to accept delivery from DHL on the Eastman 615 today. It arrived on time in perfect condition, better than I had hoped or expected. Initially, even thought I had played this model at a local dealer, and kind of knew what to expect, I was still apprehensive about any sight unseen/unplayed instrument purchase. Your confident representation on the quality of the instrument in your store, during our telephone conversation and subsequent e-mail sent during the set-up were very re-assuring. You also managed to make this instrument available for a price I could afford. I can not express enough my gratitude to your team for the extra effort, great service and set-up,I know were provided for me. I especially, thank you for extending “the hand” and making this dream become a reality.Peace and may God bless,

Paul R. Jones / Michigan

Dennis – In short, the Stanford is seriously great! I was hoping for “really good,” but it is better than that. Much more truly Martinesque than the other quality imports this guitar has that woody, dry bark down pat. It is a true high end sound. Big, resonant, balanced, refined. I’m shocked.Thanks!


Hi DennisWanted to thank you for recommending the Stanford PSD-10 to me. Got it the next day I ordered it and was I ever impressed with the sound and quality of this guitar. I took it to a jam the same night and all the guys there played it and really liked it, [even the die hard martin owners…..lol} . Really a quality guitar for the money. I want to thank you for the really quick service. I definitely will be a return customer!THANKS,

John Woods / WV

To any one out there who want’s the best for there money and the greatest guy to talk to on the phone with the best customer service alive, call Dennis. I e-mailed at about 1 in the morning and actually got a response immediately. so i called Monday afternoon and spoke to dennis, he gave me a deal I could not refuse. He mailed my new mandolin out Tuesday morning and I received it Wednesday by 2 pm. WOW……….. absolutely one of the most stunning mandos I’ve seen for the price but he also sent me a new strap which i didn’t even except. You have made a customer for life! The world needs more nice, honest people like you. Hope to get to your store soon and met everyone and maybe be good enough to play a tune for ya. God bless and have great life!

Mark / IN

Dear Dennis,

Wow! Its here. My new Gibson banjo arrived and the neighbors called the cops on me because I haven’t stopped playing it since it arrived. Everything is great! Just want to say thank you for all your help. Its hard these days to get great service and value so its nice to do business with you. Thanks again folks and if I need anything else Ill e- mail you.

Joel Fein / FLA

Hi, Dennis, Many thanks for your terrific service. I collected the MK Legacy FSE from my local post office at 3.30pm and was on the stage at a gig at the Backpackers Hub, Launceston, by 7.30pm with strings tuned up and our banjo player (a Scruggs aficionado) reckoning the Kelly is outstanding and a 1000% on the old teardrop Epiphone I normally play with. He has asked for your website which I have given to him and he will be passing it on to his brother, 1,400 miles to the north on the Gold Coast Queensland, who will no doubt be in touch as he not only runs the local Bluegrass Festival but is an accomplished guitar picker with a burning desire to go mandolin as well. Best wishes and thanks again,

Rowlie WalkerTasmania, Aus

Dennis, Thanks to you for my recent purchase, a Michael Kelly Legacy Plus, for my son’s upcoming birthday. It arrived yesterday and I have been very pleased with it. Will is going to be VERY surprised on the 25th. It is an excellent choice for a first mandolin. I told you what I was looking for and why … you said to trust you. [Folks, when Dennis says, “Trust Me” … do it.] I’m looking forward to doing business with you in the future.Happy Trails,

Larry / TX

Well, I will never buy another mandolin from you, and do you want to know why? The Eastman 514 you shipped me is the mando of my dreams I don’t need another one! The only thing better then the 514 was your service in getting it to me. Heck I may have to take up the banjo just so I can remain a customer. Absolutely, hands down, the best place to buy an instrument on the web.Thanks again,

Bob McElroy

Dear Dennis – just wanted to write you a quick email to say thank you so much for the excellent service that the Mandolin Store has provided me. My Trinity College Octave Mando arrived on Thursday in perfect condition. I love it and the sound it everything that I hoped it would be. I was a little apprehensive about buying an instrument on-line, but I know now where I will come when I decide to upgrade my Fender mandolin. Best wishes from a grateful customer.

Matt Cutler

Hey Dennis,I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and advice on the Weber (Cedar SE), it’s a beautiful mandolin and a great deal at the price. You should really write a book on customer service, I sincerely doubt there’s anyone who comes close to your level of attention to customers. You guys are great!

Alan – Surprise, AZ

Thanks for the great mando guys. Your shop is a dream! Don’t be surprised if I happen to stop by sometime and hang out just to drool over you inventory. Oh yeah, I think my girlfriend is going to break up with because of this purchase because I can’t keep my hands off this instrument! Best.

Cole / Ohio

First of all, I’m a repeat customer and I’ve been entirely satisfied with 1) the two instruments (Weber Beartooth / Flatiron Performer) I’ve purchased from The Mandolin Store over the past year, 2) Dennis’s general honesty and candidness. As I’ve stated in a previously, I’d recommend The Mandolin Store to anyone looking to buy an instrument sight unseen, because they won’t mislead or overcharge you, and they’ll set up your instrument really well. Both instruments have an even response all over the neck and project very well. Both have a balanced, clear tone. Both are a good value for the money and sound pretty much the way Dennis told me they would. Some people don’t like Webers but I do. I could go on all day but I’d rather just sit here and play with my new toy, heh. Peace everybody.

Tom Hallenbeck / California

Hey Dennis, First of all, thanks for the fastest online order ever, e-mails answered within 15 minutes, Mandolin shipped out 40min after I ordered, Mandolin at my house less then 24 hours later! Opening the case I discovered my so-called “blem” MK Legacy Deluxe in all its glory and after about 5 minutes under the light I was finally able to figure out what the blem was, a small (1/4 inch) dark spot on the back of the mandolin that I first thought was the wood itself, which by the way had a fantastic flame. Also some finish issues on the inside of the scroll, but who cares if you can’t see it? So in the end I got a great Mandolin for an amazing price, and you can’t see any flaws from further than a foot away. Thanks,

Ben E-F / NY

Hi Dennis, I just thought I’d drop you a line. The cedar Yellowstone I bought from you in December keeps turning heads out here in Western Pa. I have had a number of players that own some top shelf mandos that can’t believe how great my Weber sounds and plays. I have been dropping your name at every show we do and every jam I attend. I don’t know if any one has headed out to see you but I hope somebody has made some kind of contact. Wishing you continued success.

Dick Wade/ PA

I have been very fortunate to learn mandolin on some amazing instruments that are, unfortunately, way out of my price range. Last week, on the recommendation of a friend, I ordered my very first mandolin from your store – an Eastman 505 series. I received it yesterday and much to my delight, and my friend’s, it is an amazing little instrument for the money. I just wanted to say thank you for having such a great shop, such a wonderful website, and most importantly such a wonderful group of employees. I can’t wait to leave work so I can go home and play it!Sincerely,

Kelly Winter / OR

Dennis, I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how happy I am with The Michael Kelley TMS exclusive mandolin a purchased. It was my X-mas gift this year. I have never played Mandolin before and I am really enjoying the Experience. I played a little guitar in high school and now at 41 thought Mandolin would Be a fun instrument to try and learn. I am making a little progress but thought You should know how appreciative I am over the quality of the instrument especially In the price range. Thanks so Much!

Mike Godby / Ca

Hello Dennis, Today I received my strings and I’m very happy that I found a store who is quicker than light.Thank you very much for taking care of my little order from the other side of the world. I surely will recommend your store to all the dutch dobro and guitar players.THANK YOU,

Joost de Nijs / Holland

Just wanted to send you and your staff another note of appreciation. My new Michael Kelly Dragonfly is a great. A Beautiful finish and a great tone and seems to get better everyday. Even though we had trouble with the shipping during some very bad winter weather, everything worked out great. You made sure I was a satisfied customer. You have become my number one store and I will definitely be ordering from you in the future. I will also highly recommend you to everyone I know that plays. Thanks again,

Steve Moore / TX

Hi Dennis…….Yippee!!!!!!! The mandolin came this morning…..I let it acclimate for a few hours…….and opened the case and Wow……….I am blown away…………It’s truly beautiful, the sound is phenomenal and it plays like a dream. In addition to the mandolin being everything I had hoped for…..the customer service has been the best part of my entire experience. You have been there every step of the way, returned my emails and phone calls immediately and bent over backwards to make me a happy customer. Not only am I happy…..I am ecstatic!I have never…ever… written a thank you note to any business owner before regarding their customer service. You are the first! If other business people treated customers like you, the business world would be a much better place. Thanks again for everything. This is the second instrument I purchased from you and it will not be the last! Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

Gary / FLA

Dennis, I got the Weber special edition mandolin last Wed – arrived safe and sound……..and its a keeper. I got to really play it over the weekend and it stood up to a stelling banjo and a d-28 power house, also a screamin fiddler. Thanks for the help/ Its good to know ya have a mandolin picker on the other end of the line when your not there to play it yourself. Thanks Again!

Jim Roberts / TN.

Dear Dennis, My Gibson mandolin arrived on Monday 12th February. 24 hours later I opened the safe package. She is really a beauty. Her construction is flawless, so are her spruce top and maple back, sides and neck. After tightening the strings one could easily recognize her loud and rich voice. Maybe the contrast of the Cremona sunburst finish on the pics looked a little more flashy, but I’m perfectly happy with her appearance. I like as well the mando straps and picks, these are very nice & practical. I hope you will receive my payments as planned, if there are any problems let me know it. Thank you for your efforts, Mandolin Store is really an excellent address. Kind regards,

Rudy / Switzerland

Dennis, I have been playing my new Eastman 815 all day, and my fingers are sore but happy. I did wait patiently for 24 hours after receiving it before opening the case. The mandolin was beautifully set up, and with a very little tuning I was ready to go. This is a wonderful instrument. I now realize that I have even more potential as a player than I had hoped. At least this mandolin gives me that illusion.Thanks so much to you and your staff for answering my questions while I was impatiently awaiting its arrival. Your customer service erases the distance between Ohio and Washington state.All the best,

Michael / WA

Hi Dennis – The Breedlove FF arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled with it. It looks great and sounds even better, and plays beautifully. Thanks so much for helping me find it. You’ve been a terrific help, and if there’s such a thing as a “friendly, local store” on the internet, you guys are definitely it. Hope I can get by to visit the actual store some day!Thanks again,

Neil / NC

Hi Dennis!I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know how I’m getting along with my new mandolin.I love the color and design, the sound is terrific, but I do have one complaint. I am having so much fun playing it that I don’t seem to be getting anything else done! You should start a support group for people who have mandoholic personalities. “Hello, my name is and I have a mandolin!” , would be uttered among small groups of people clustered in damp,moldy church basements, clutching tab in a shaky hand while carrying a pick in the other. I also e-mailed Weber to tell them how much I appreciate their work. I mentioned The Mandolin Store. I hope that was ok. I told them that the mandolin reminds me of my Dad, and “NO DENNIS”, I did NOT do that to get some kind of discount!!!!  Thanks again for the instrument. It means a lot to me. As usual, it was a joy to see you again. Take care! Sincerely,

Tammy Rigsby / OH

Hi Dennis – Just wanted to say thank you for a great mandolin and setup. I purchased the Michael Kelly TMS mandolin several weeks ago and love it. It was just what I was looking for as a beginning player. I had looked all over and it seemed music stores were carrying the two extremes. Either too cheap or way too expensive. Thanks for hitting a niche with this instrument. Also, it arrived in Pittsburgh in one day!Thanks and have a great New Year,

Sam Marchetta / PA

I received the Weber STE prototype mandolin this morning, and while it warmed up and stabilized I played guitar for an hour or so, then did some work for a few hours more. Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore and I opened the case. WOW! Beautiful, in perfect condition, and I was very pleased to own this unique instrument. Tuned it up and plucked on it for a while and it sounds great. With only a limited amount of mandolins available locally, musicians will increasingly turn to the internet while trying to find that just-right instrument. The stars really lined up for me on this mandolin…and I knew this was the one…so thanks for talking with me on the phone. It already feels like I’ve owned it forever. I don’t know how many other retailers got these prototype models, but it fell perfectly into that void of instruments between $800. and $3000. This is a lot of instrument for the money, good materials and construction…and I like the the stain, bridge, and fretboard different from the production STE models. Again, I am very pleased.Thanks,


Hi  Dennis,I recently purchased a Gibson Nick Lucas Reissue from you guys. I just wanted to say thank you for being very helpful and shipping so quickly. I ordered the guitar Wednesday morning and I received it on Friday morning. The guitar is wonderful and in excellent condition (as described)! I have looked for a NL reissue for some time and you guys had the perfect one.I will enjoy this guitar for years! So thank you very much for the friendly service and quick shipping. I plan to recommend your store to any friends looking for a guitar or any folk instruments.Thank You Very Much,

Steve Monson-Pace,Fl

Dennis -It was a pleasure meeting you and finally getting to visit your shop this afternoon. I must say, your web site’s claim of “the most helpful shop on the planet” should be somehow upgraded. (Most helpful shop in the known physical universe?) Wow! I feel like I got $310 of merchandise and about $3,000 worth of free advice. Although I have had my old Gibson F-2 for decades and play it professionally, I learned a few things about my mandolin today that I never knew. I left your shop feeling more knowledgeable – even inspired! I really appreciate the time you took with me and the great advice. It reminded me of an experience I’ve had in France on many occasions, when I would start to order something in a restaurant and the waiter would suggest an alternative that was both better and cheaper. Although French waiters do this regularly (they care more about your satisfaction than about their tip?), it is fairly rare among merchants in this country. But you made suggestions that addressed my needs rather than maxing your revenues. Wise business man! You’ve earned my trust, my respect, so you know you have my loyalty and my future business. Well, my friend, it worked! Consider me a life-time customer. So thanks again. It was well worth the drive from Cincinnati to visit mandolin heaven. May your business continue to prosper in 2007! Blessings,

James / Ohio

Dennis, I opened the case tonight after waiting the requisite 24 hours (hard to wait when it’s sitting there in the box staring back at you). The only mandolin I’d really played prior to this is the one that I’ve borrowed from my son for the past year, a custom made model with a spruce top by a guy that builds amazing guitars. I never really knew how his mandolin stacked up (he only built about a dozen of them ten years ago). The Weber of course was tuned down, so it took a few minutes to get the new strings to stay in tune. Then I hit a G cord and I was stunned. BIG volume, very woody tone (that cedar top), exquisite workmanship. The radiused finger board makes it MUCH easier to play than my other mandolin. Now that I’ve seen the difference, I’ll have to have it worked on and get it radiused as well.Thanks for spending the time to work with me on picking the right instrument out. When you spend a lot on an instrument you expect it to deliver… and this one really does. Thanks,

Darrell / PA

This is just a followup and a thank you for the excellent service and delivery of my mandolin. I was very impressed by your customer service compared to many of the local chain stores in my area (specifically xxx and xxxxxx). You were able to accommodate my needs and send replies to questions in an extremely hasted manner and made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole sales process. I am VERY satisfied with your service and will certainly mention your store when appropriate to the conversation.

Brent / Canada

I have been working with Dennis at the Mandolin Store to obtain a Weber Cedar top. I’m not going to get into detail, but through a series of events I have had the opportunity to play 3 Cedar tops, the coolest part is he is in Ohio and I’m in WA. They have all been great mandolins. The first one was an SE and it had a tone that was close to a Monteleone and punch. The second was an SE and it had a nice dry Bluegrass sound, similar to a Loar with volume and punch to kill any ba@$o. The 3rd, the one I’m keeping is an LE. It has a tone and sustain as close to a Monteleone as I may ever get a nice mixture of the SE’s I had the opportunity to try. Of course my comparisons are based on recordings not actually getting to play a Monte or a Loar, but it is to my satisfaction. It is not true what they say about Cedar being what it is and not improving. It does improve over time. I can’t wait to hear what it will sound like in a few months or even a year from now. Those of you reading this who don’t have a Cedar top you owe it to yourself to try one of these and the best place to do it at the Mandolin Store(no financial interest). I was pretty picky and Dennis kept at it until I had the mandolin with the tone/sustain/action I wanted – A class act.Thanks,

Terry / Washington

Dennis: I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new mandolin. It has a beautiful tone and appearance. Thank you so much for being so easy to deal with and for being so responsive to my needs. I am so glad that you convinced me to purchase the Gibson F-5G wide neck, the Sam Bush does have the strings too far apart.Happy Holidays,

Ben Pearce

Hi Dennis, received my new Gibson banjo. Just wanted to let you know….. man Gibson sure is putting out some great stuff! This has to be the nicest sample of a high end banjo I have ever seen or played. Thanks for the great deal too.

Joel Morris

Dennis,I would like to take the time to say, “Thank You”. I recently purchased a new Dobro – Phil Leadbetter from you and boy am I happy with it. The flaming maple look and the deep sound it gives makes you only want to practice, practice, practice. I hope you and your business the best and would highly recommend YOU should I be asked by any other musicians on where to purchase a quality instrument. Again thanks for your time and professionalism.

Larry Large / Chillicothe OH

Hi Dennis,First off thanks for the speedy delivery. I got the MK-Deluxe on Saturday. I have it all tuned up now andit sounds great! I compared it with my MK-Dragonfly and the Deluxe definitely has a much louder bark and a little more clarity on the G and D strings. I am extremely happy with it. I am going to be using the Fishman M-200-M system with it for recording and playing. As soon as I get my first solo disc done I will send you a copy. Thanks for everything. I can understand how business must be booming for you after the great service you have shown me.Happy Thanksgiving,

Terry / WI

To future customers,I have been playing musical instruments for about 40 years now and have NEVER bought an instrument sight unseen. I play in a couple of projects and needed a mandolin with a pickup system for live gigs. I had been looking at the MK Legacy FSE as a good choice to handle the rigors of road work and with the Fishman System, get a good signal and decent sound, and not spend a lot. After some searching around, I found the Mandolin Store.I e-mailed Dennis and he got right back to me.He made a few suggestions but thought the MK would be the best choice in my situation. I thought about it. I called a few days latter , we talked, and I ordered the piece. I received the Mandolin TWO days later. It arrived in perfect condition. It is a nice piece for the money and sounds good amplified. The case is top notch also. There was that extra touch of fresh strings and a strap tucked into the case. That was cool. I would certainly recommend Dennis and to anyone as they LISTEN to their customers needs and try to direct you in the best way possible, honestly. An added bonus, was they had the best price around. Take care and strum daily.


Dear Dennis, On Monday my wife gave birth to a sweet little girl and I got the Hyalite mandolin ! Happy coincidence ! I thank you wery much for providing such a trustable and reliable service.Kind regards, Nicolas / Paris France

Hi Dennis,A few lines to let you know that my Weber mandolin arrived safely in the UK and boy, am I pleased with it (i can’t put the thing down). I would like to thank you both for the quality of service you havegiven, and the excellent value of the deal you gave me, It has been a pleasure to deal with you.Thank You Both

Barry Wood / UK

Hi Dennis, I sure do like the Martin “D18V” that you sold me, it is a very nice guitar to play. (And was shipped to me in the best of shape) I sure do appreciate what you go to, to make your customers happy. You folks run a business that we just don’t see here on the West Coast of Canada. I sure do appreciate what you have done for me in the way of quality instruments and the price too. Now I am wondering If you get any other top end “Martins” in your shop? I can’t go too high, but I know you will give the best price you can. Please keep me in mind if you get a nice high end “Martin” . I am willing to go for it If THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!! (No Bob Barker on this one !!!!!!!)Cheers,Your Friend,

Bob Wolfe / Canada

Dennis, Just a quick word of thanks for the new Gibson RB250 Mastertone Banjo. It is nice to finally be able to play one of the best quality banjos on the market and the price was even better. You have a beautiful shop that I would encourage anyone in the area check out. Your professionalism and friendliness is something that is rare in a business today. I hope your Gibson sales take off well for you and I am pleased to say that I bought the first Mastertone from The Mandolin Shop. You can add me to your ever growing list of customers for life as I look forward to doing business with you again and would encourage anyone interested in bluegrass instruments to do the same. Thanks again.Sincerely,

Sam Johnson / Bainbridge, OH

Hello, Dennis, Just a quick note to let you know that I received the Collings MT yesterday, and we are bonding nicely. She’s a beautiful little mando. I can tell she’s got some opening up to do, but she already sounds wonderful. It was a real pleasure to do business with you. I will recommend your store to friends.God bless,

Rich White

Hey Dennis, just a quick note to let you know my MD615 arrived is excellent condition. I am so impressed with it, it’s hard to put down. It sounds and plays wonderful. Thank you so much for such great service. I am truly one of your many satisfied customers. I highly recommend you and your store to anyone looking to purchase a quality instrument at a great price. Thanks again.

Terry Jackson / Walkerton, In

Hi Dennis, Got the Weber mando today in the UK arrived safe and sound. Lovely, what can I say! Thank you for your excellent service and help.I will be back real soon with another order no doubt.Thank You Regards,

Alan Dingwall / UKDennis,

I received the Michael Kelly FSE in excellent condition yesterday. I have to admit, I was a little uneasy about ordering a musical instrument without first seeing or playing it, but the minute I opened the case I was in love…The MK sounds great unplugged or when played through my Marshall AS50R. One thing I noticed right away was when played through the Marshall, it actually sounds like a mandolin unlike my Fender FM52E, which sounds more like an amped up ukulele… Side by side there is no comparison. The MK is definitely a “step-up” instrument for me and I’m sure it will make a great addition to our musical group. Thanks for the prompt shipping and down home service. The next time I’m ready to “step-up”, I’ll be giving you guys a call.Thanks and God Bless.

Mike Collins

Dennis, I would like to personally thank you and your wife for providing the best buying experience of my life. I purchased a ” Prototype” Weber mandolin from your establishment and could not be any happier the quality of the instrument. Moreover, the customer service aspect of your company is unrivaled and the experience was second to none. Although I live nearly 500 miles away you have truly gained a customer for life. There is something to be said for retailers like yourself and I truly would recommend that anyone interested in a fine instrument and unparalleled service to please contact The Mandolin Store. As simply as I can state: “Thank you for the amazing instrument and undeniable superior service.” Best Regards,


Hi Dennis, I’m delighted to inform you that my son Dan has my F5G in his possession and he has told me it looks and sounds brilliant. I want to thank you for your professionalism. I will recall how well you played over the phone half way around the planet and you sounded so good. I must buy one of those fancy pleated mando black leather straps from your store as a momento. Good luck with the business and the new Gibson deal.Regards, John Wintle / Melbourn AustraliaDennis, I couldn’t wait to tell you that my instrument just arrived in PERFECT condition! It is AWESOME, and is as beautiful as you described, if not more so! I also want to thank you for everything! You went above and beyond to resolve this situation (broken mando), and I sincerely appreciate it. If ever you need a testimony or endorsement from a satisfied customer, please don’t hesitate to ask. You have a customer for life and a friend in Texas.Sincerely,

Don Babb / Texas

Dennis, I picked the guitar up at the customs office today, paid the tax, went home, took it out, said WOWWW, tuned it and started playing: It sounds wonderful!! Everything looks fine and in order. I left pos. feedback on eBay.Maybe I can look you up one day….I have relatives in Cleveland.With best regards,

Chris / Germany

Dennis,This is Pam Gray, the school teacher, from Scurry, Texas. I just received my TMS Exclusive Michael Kelly mandolin in the mail yesterday, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed. I was impressed not only with the mandolin, but with the personal help that I received from Dennis concerning the type of mandolin to purchase. It was evident that you truly care about your customers, because you actually advised me to purchase a different mandolin for bluegrass-type music that was less expensive than the one that I originally thought would be good for that type of music. The mandolin was carefully packed so that it would not get damaged in-route to my house. I sat up last night playing my new nstrument until my fingers wouldn’t let me anymore. I will highly recommend your business to all of my friends that wish to purchase musical instruments in the future.

Take Care, and may God bless you and your business.Pam Gray / TexasRecently, I had the desire to purchase a decent mandolin to extend my abilities while learning to play. After checking out various websites, and dealers , I talked with Dennis Vance at The Mandolin Store. He patiently listened while I described my needs, and suggested a mandolin for me to try. For courteous, and expert service with no smoke or mirrors..and straight customer service, I recommend The Mandolin Store. Straight talk, and straight dealing.. a real customer oriented mandolin store…. Thanks from a satisfied customer in Gray, Tn. I will buy again from The Mandolin Store!

Bobby Crawford / TN

Dennis, Got the Weber in perfect shape (on-time, or actually, a little early), slapped on the IntelliTouch tuner, and played it. What a wonderful sound! No more struggle just to produce a clear and true sound on Korean instruments. I’m amazed by the how thin the top of the Weber is. The Sitka spruce top already produces wonderful sound with the promise of more as it settles in and develops. Just what I needed. Perfect blend of traditional form with modern simplicity. Put me down as a grateful new customer.

Bob Perrey/ California

Just wanted to let you know my MK Legacy Plus arrived safely last Friday. Thanks for such fast service, TWO DAYS!!! I’m very pleased with the mando, quality, sound, finish. I think I’ll be set for a while, but if I upgrade in the future, (maybe an Eastman) I would definitely do business with The Mandolin Store again. ThanksSincerely,

Keith Choquette

Hi Dennis, Guitar arrived today safe and sounds – delighted with it so far. Many thanks for the scratch-plate change and case upgrade. The service you have given me is first rate and I will recommend you to all my guitar-playing friends here.Thanks again,Eamonn Murray / Ireland

I’ve been playing with my new Weber Fern all morning and I’m spoiled already. After adjusting the action down a few notches (love that bridge!) it plays out like an old friend with a new attitude. The only other mandolin I’ve played much is my trusty old, highly luthier’ed Epiphone MM50 which sounds & plays as well or better than any of the $1000 Chinese/Korean/Japanese mandolins that I’ve tried. But this Fern is so far superior that it’s hard to believe. I expected a difference but not this great. I am one happy camper! Thanks for the time you spent with me before my decision to purchase the Weber Fern and the attention that you have paid to me during this transaction. I’m very leery of doing business long distance but this has been a really great experience delivered as promised, instant response to shipping questions, pristine product on arrival and like dealing with an old friend all thru the process.


Dennis, I just wanted to let you know that my new Weber “Special Edition” is sounding and playing great! What you say on your web site that the cedar top Weber Special Edition mandos are the “Best Mandolin Value on the Planet” is a huge understatement. I picked up this particular “Special Edition” from your wall and realized I had a sweet sounding cannon in my hands after just a few chords. This instrument has the deep bottom end, sweet top end, bell-like ring and volume of a high end aged quality instrument. It can go from sounding very gently sweet and beautifully melodic to a cannon upon request. The comment I made to my wife was that my old mandolin made nice clean notes, but this mandolin “sings”. Even she agreed! The harmonics and phasing I hear are amazing. Indeed, this mando is an incredible value. To top it off, the instrument is beautiful to the last detail. The back is gorgeous. I have never seen another manufacturer’s finish as perfect as any of the Webers’. This “value” instrument is even finished perfectly under the “tongue” of the fingerboard on the top. (How do you guys at Weber do that?) The only thing that could be sweeter would be a custom Fern with varnish finish that sounds like this one! After all, who doesn’t like mandolin eye candy? -) Thanks again for your top notch service, great attitude, spot-on advice and being a dealer that will “go that extra mile”.Keep pickin’

Scott Myers -Centerville, OH

Dennis, Your effort for getting this mando to my hotel in Seattle prior to my departure for Europe is greatly appreciated, as was your outright selfless advise regarding what instrument was more suitable for my particular needs. Many thanks and best regards

Rob Ross

Dennis, I just wanted to let you know that the Weber Custom Cedar Bitterroot you sold me is the nicest mandolin I have ever played. I have dealt with a lot of instrument dealers over the years and you are are the most honorable guy I have ever done business with. Thanks again – I know we will do a lot more in the years to come.

Jay Walker / Macgruder Stringed Instruments

Dennis, Thank you for the Eastman 815. It was everything you said it would be and more! It plays very well, sounds GREAT and you were particularly adept at making me feel comfortable with the process. As I told you, it was my first time ordering online, and I was worried. Your emails and offers to call you at home put me at ease, and I got the Mandolin on Monday morning as promised. I am SO HAPPY! I had a great experience and got a great playing mandolin. Thanks!

Steve Remington

Dennis, Just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for your prompt, professional service in sending me a great Weber mandolin. I’ve made some minor adjustments to the action and love the sound and playability already. The finish is real nice, also. It was a pleasure working with you and I’ll be sure to refer folks to THE MANDOLIN STORE.Regards,

Vince Diem, Flint Hollow / www.FlintHollow.com

Dennis, It has been pleasure working with you on this purchase. I started talking to you back in October, and just bought the Mando I wanted last week. I’m glad I took the extra time to truly get the one I wanted. I am in complete shock about the sound quality of this Eastman 515. I would hope that all of them sound this good, but I have a feeling that I got an extra good Mando. It is as fat and woody as many of the instruments that I have played that were 3x the price. It has been opening up everyday. I have a feeling I am going to surprise some of my friends who own other makes. This is the 7th mando that I have owned in my lifetime. I’m sure I will hang on to this one.

Robert LaLonde / Michigan

Dennis, Last year in early December I bought and Eastman 514 from you, and have been VERY happy with it. It is a great instrument, and your customer service including personal communication was most excellent. As a result, I have added you to the Favorite Links section of our web site, www.mandolindy.com. I wanted to let you know. I love my Eastman!


Dennis, I wanted to take the time to thank you for sitting down with me and helping me pick out the perfect guitar for me. This Santa Cruz is the best guitar I’ve ever owned. It’s great to be in a shop with high end instruments, with no teens pounding out “Sweet Home Alabama” on the loudest electric guitar they can find. I visited your store twice before buying this guitar, and both times I was greeted warmly, and given your full attention. I’ve been to other stores where they ignore you until you pull out your wallet. Thanks again for a great purchasing experience.

J, Adam McIntosh / Lebanon Ohio

Hi Dennis – Just wanted to let you know the mandolin came yesterday. It’s great. Makes me realize what a toy I was playing! I’m loving it so far – the tone quality is terrific, the neck is very comfortable, the body size fits perfectly. All in all, I’m quite happy with it and just wantedto say thanks for all the info and for sending the instrument on so quickly….now, on with learning mandolin!!!terri schmit

I just completed my 3rd or 4th transaction with Dennis Vance at The Mandolin Store. What I want to say will not be unfamiliar to those who have dealt with him already. Though Dennis has “vintage” knowledge, he doesn’t have the ” I’m too busy to talk to you unless you’re looking to buy high” attitude. It’s more like talking to your next door neighbor over the fence. A new player won’t be intimidated or overwhelmed when talking with Dennis. He works hard to find you what you want, not just what he wants to sell you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a high end Collings guitar or an entry level MK mandolin pack. And your e-mails and phone calls get returned in the same day, not just the same week. I’ve patronized and praised others in the past and stand by those comments. I simply wish to share my positive experience with everyone-I get nothing except a feeling of shared satisfaction for doing so.I am pictured with my Larrivee D03 and my Eastman MD615

Richard Jordan / New Jersey

I made the trip to Washington Court House just this morning. Dennis agreed to meet me early in the AM to accommodate my work schedule. I got there at about 0700 and Dennis already had the lights on. He is a great guy with a great store. I hope he is overwhelmed with success beyond his wildest dreams. Thanks Dennis! Larry Rinehart, Gahanna Ohio”I recently began playing the mandolin and was extremely disappointed in the cheap plywood instrument I received from a local New York City music store. I called Dennis and he was able to give me advice on sound quality and instrument investment, and his knowledgeable service put a smile on my face. At first, I was a little uneasy purchasing an instrument over the phone, but Dennis alleviated my fears by playing a few tunes on various mandolins until I found the one I wanted. I ordered a new A style Eastman Mandolin, and was ecstatic upon receiving it in the mail. The tone quality was wonderful, and the wood looked absolutely stunning. I would recommend Dennis’ store and service to all of my friends and family, as well as random people on the street! Dennis’ highly professional salesmanship will ensure that I am a life-long customer!”

Monika Flushing / Queens, NY

Dennis – Thank you so much for the great service and the Eastman MD615 mandolin I purchased from you. The antique finish is beautiful and the sound of the Eastman is even better. As a new mando player I couldn’t imagine having a better quality instrument for the price. In fact, I even had a fellow mando player test it out for me and he was very jealous of the sound of the Eastman and even more so the price ! I know I will be enjoying this instrument for many years to come. I was also very impressed with how quickly you were able to ship the instrument to me. I will definitely be referring friends and fellow musicians to The Mandolin Store for their next purchase. Thanks for everything Dennis.

John Burton – Phoenix , AZ



Hi Dennis, Just a note to let you I have been playing the Rigel A+ almost constantly since it was delivered to me on Monday, and it really is a great instrument. Its looks are really distinctive and has a great sound. I’ve played quite a few mandolins and this stands up to anything I’ve played. It produces a great tone and volume even with the action set quite a lot lower than my other mandolin, and the action is really easy. Thanks for a very good deal, and for sending the mando to the UK promptly and well packaged. Even paying the Customs duty I have still saved a lot compared to buying in the UK , not that we see many second hand Rigels here. I have already recommended you to my bluegrass friends and will continue to do so. Thanks,

Steve Mooney, UK

Hey Dennis, I just wanted to give you an e-mail telling you that my Yellowstone sounds better everyday. I know you probably think I’m kidding but to me it seems like it does. I could never thank you enough, I personally believe this has been the very best purchase of an instrument I have ever made. My Dad feels the same way. He and I played some grass the other night I couldn’t get the Weber away from him but at least I got in some good practice on my guitar. Dennis if you ever come accross a Gibson F-5G or something by Gibson that sounds good let me know.Even though I love the Weber I have always wanted a Gibson mandolin and I am hoping one day that I might. Besides every mandolin player needs a backup and a Gibson would be a good one for my Yellowstone. I think you know about what I would be interested in so send me a message and some photos if you run into anything. Thanks again my friend and may GOD richly bless you and yours

Ronnie B. Loudermilk /GA

Dennis, My new Weber Big Sky cedar is awesome!! It is the finest instrument I’ve had the privilege of playing. I couldn’t ask for a better looking or sounding instrument. It is in a word, perfect. Bruce, you did good brother, I can’t imagine owning a better looking or sounding mandolin. Oh and did I mention that it plays great!…….yeah, I know I’m laying it on thick but if you knew how picky I am you’d understand……..if it was bad you would sure know it as I am known for being bluntly honest………its great guys……….thanks for building a mandolin that’s worthy to be called “Texas Big Sky”……………………In Christ,

Bro Smokey Neal / TX