Instrument Care & More

At The Mandolin Store we want to make sure you have all the tools at your disposal to help your instrument last a lifetime. Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

Why do we suggest a case humidifier?

  • Solid wood Instruments need to be humidified properly.  We highly advise to keep your instrument in the case with a humidifier when not in use. Our shop humidification stays between 45%-50%. Improper humidification can void your manufacturers warranty. If you do not have a case humidifier we recommend The D’addario Small Instrument Humidifier.

What strings do you recommend?

  • D’addario EJ74s are what we use on all of our mandolins with a few exceptions such as flat-top mandolins. Those typically receive EJ73s which are a lighter gauge. You should always keep an extra set on hand as the E-string is the most common string to break due to the high tension.

How do I clean my mandolin?

  • On gloss instruments you can find instrument polish and use that. You should keep a polish cloth in your case to wipe down any dirt or debris before & after playing.

Do I need to buy a tuner? 

  • Not necessarily. There are a variety of free smartphone apps out there that will help you tune your instruments. However if you are going to play out or with others you should grab the clip-on tuner. 

What picks should I buy?

  • A minimum of a 1mm thickness is important for mandolin. We prefer a 1.5mm. The thicker picks help avoid pick noise when playing and can increase volume. If you’re new to mandolin we recommend our variety pack so you can figure out what style you like the best!