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The Depression Loar – 1924 Sold


Signed February 18 1924 by Gibson Acoustic Engineer Lloyd Loar. This mandolin is owned by David Harvey.

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This mandolin never sold for 13 years during the Great Depression and was eventually shipped back to Gibson. from the dealer, in 1937 and totally refurbished. It was then sent to the Lyons and Healy music store in Chicago in 1938 where it sold as new to a Greek emigrant and waiter, Constantine Costopoulos, who, as it turned out, was born on February 18th 1900! This Gibson F-5 gave Constantine, his family and friends many, many hours of enjoyment and came to represent his realization of the American Dream!
This is truly a survivor and a great piece of history! Set up and ready to play, it sounds sweet and opens up the more you play it!
Here’s your chance to buy a 2-18-24, serial # 75688 Loar mandolin, with a near perfect Red Line 1930’s case with the original blanket! Serious inquiries only, please! Just to clarify, the price reflects the level and extent of the refurbishment, the Loar signature label is a reproduction.