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Crossrock F Style Fiberglass Case – Ivory


The new and improved Crossrock Fiberglass case featured molded alloy hinges, a TSA lock, and designed to fit a Gibson F5 (and other equivalents) perfectly. The fiberglass case also includes a set of backpack straps.

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  • The module: redesigned to make it much more curved. The more curved design makes the case stronger and more stable and better fits the mandolin. The curved design provides more room for the mandolin bridge and string area. The new mold also increases the space for the head, ensuring that different mandolin head shapes can fit.
  • The Hinge: The new fiberglass mandolin case is applied with the newly designed Crossrock molded alloy hinge which is stronger and thicker than ever. It is anti-rust and long-lasting.
  • The Inside: improved from the material to the design. There are two versions of the new module case. 1) The universal model fits A style and F style with the help of the removable padding strip. 2) The F model fits F style mandolin precisely. It especially perfectly fits Gibson F-5.
  • The Lining: improved from the crushed red velvet to the level 4 dye fixation lining material in dark green.
  • TSA lock and backpack straps: like always, the new case also comes with the alloy TSA lock and backpack straps for musician’s trips.


  • Brand :Crossrock
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Fitted Instrument: F style mandolin
  • Package Dimensions: 38x18x86cm; 15×7.1x34in
  • Shipping Weight:3.5kg(8lb)
  • Net Weight: 2.55kg(5.6lb)
  • Accessories:Keys x 2;Deluxe backpack straps x 2;Deluxe backpack straps x