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Crossrock Double F Style Fiberglass Case – Black


The Crossrock double mandolin case features a TSA lock and 4 spring latches to ensure security. Both cradles are universal in design and fit both A/F style mandolins. The fits can be adjusted by the extra padding strips. Super soft “sunny fiber” dark green lining applied with high-level Dye Fixation technology.

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  • With the removable padding strips, the case can fit most mandolin models on the market.
  • 100% pure fiberglass hard shell case for 2 mandolins.
  • Fit both A style and F style.
  • Super soft sunny fabric no hurt to the instrument.
  • Level 4 Dye Fixation technology guarantee.
  • Heavy-duty alloy locks, extremely easy to use.
  • 4 double security spring latches.
  • Backpack and single-shoulder design.
    • Brand :Crossrock
    • Material: Fiberglass
    • Fitted Instrument: Mandolin A/F
    • Package Dimensions: 90x49x21cm; 36x20x8.3in
    • Shipping Weight:14.3lb (6.5g)
    • Net Weight: 11.7lb (5.3kg)
    • Accessories:Keys x 2; Backpack straps; Padding strips