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Used Gibson 120th Anniversary Mandolin SOLD

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2014 Gibson 120th Anniversary Mandolin.  Number 3 of set number 2.  Reproduction case and pro set up included – Mint unplayed condition.  SOunds as good as it looks! On Consignment

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The inspiration behind these 120th Anniversary mandolins was 1904 black top Presentation F-2 with wire / torch and tree of life inlays. These inlays were only used until 1908.  These limited edition models are available in three color options: 1904 Black top with reddish walnut stain back and sides, 1912 amber top with pigeon blood back and sides, and 1923 cremona burst.  Gibson also created an elegant mother of pearl inlaid 120th anniversary pick guard for this model.  In addition each mandolin has an 1894 Liberty Head nickel inlaid in the back of the headstock to commemorate the year in which Orville Gibson applied for his first mandolin patent.

  • Hand carved red spruce top with bound F holes
  • AAAA maple back, sides, & neck
  • Tuned parallel tone bars
  • 1-3/16″ pearl nut
  • Bound ebony fingerboard with tree of life inlays
  • Ebony headstock overlay with wire and torch inlays
  • Waverly tuners with inlaid tuner buttons
  • Reproduction ebony bridge
  • 1 3/16 Pearl Nut
  • Inlaid pick guard with 120th anniversary inlays
  • Loar style case with 120th anniversary embroidery on lid and blanket
  • Certificate of authenticity is a framed re-print from World War 1 era Popular Mechanics magazine ad – numbered and signed

2014 Gibson 120th Anniversary Mandolin.  Number 3 of set number 1.  Reproduction case and pro set up included